UPNG Council refuses to back down

The Council refused to meet with the graduating students today. Instead, the head of Uniforce security, Matthew Kipott, was advised to relay their message to the waiting students.

“The decision of K600 still stands. The Council has made the decision and no meeting will change that,” Kipott told the students this afternoon.

“The graduation date of July 28 also remains.”

The students were further informed that their outstanding payments will be reimbursed.

This was the response to points raised in their petition yesterday.

UPNG starts orientation for 1st year students

The new students, who started arriving during the weekend, have been introduced to the university officials as well as made aware of UPNG's expectations.

In his welcome message, vice-chancellor Professor Albert Mellam informed the first years of the Student Charter.

"The university takes student discipline very seriously," said Professor Mellam.

"I want to make it very clear that you must conduct yourself with an attitude that does not come into conflict with the established guidelines of the Students' Code of Conduct.

UPNG students question graduation fee

They claim the university did not advise them of the graduation fee.

“It just came on the media, which shocked the students as there was no (official) circular before that,” Loop PNG was told.

Phylma Timea, a graduating student from the Journalism and Public Relations strand, says it’s unfair on them and their parents.

“We have already paid the school fee, outstanding fees, we were rushed out of our dorms and they didn’t give us a long time to do our clearance.”

Dr Mann explains UPNG’s K600 graduation fee

Certain regulations and fees were enforced in an effort to address costs incurred during last year’s student unrest, and the new graduation fee is one of them, Acting Chancellor Dr Nicholas Mann tells Loop PNG.

“Other universities have that graduation fee while UPNG, in the last 50 years, did not. However, we are going to start come this graduation,” says Dr Mann.

He explains that the fees will be used for the staging of the graduation on July 28.

Governor Potape assists Hela students in Madang

Representative of the Governor’s office Tape Pulupe handed over a cheque payment to Hela students Association President Edwin Gayani on Tuesday.

Speaking to the students’, Pulupe said it was a great honor indeed on behalf of the Governor to assist Hela students studying in three institutions in Madang.

“The Governor’s office and the Hela electorate recognised the importance of your education as the future assets of Hela and PNG as a whole, because after you graduated from DWU you will contribute to the socio economic development of PNG,” says Pulupe.

French high school student arrested after shooting principal, two others, police say

The armed 17-year-old was arrested after the shooting, which happened at the Alexis de Tocqueville school in the town of Grasse, about 40 kilometres from the southern city of Nice.

‘Little Doctors’ in Bougainville

 Officially launched by NCD Governor Powes Parkop last week, two primary schools, Lontis Primary School and Petats primary, are the first two schools to have little doctors.

The Little Doctors concept is similar to the ones first introduced in India and Bangladesh and recently in Indonesia, in the aftermath of tsunamis that devastated these countries.

Students encouraged to work hard

National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop told the students during his visit to the school this week to work hard in school to become someone in the future.

Parkop said the Government has spent a lot on free education by providing the Tuition Free Fee policy and so it is now up to the students to play their part.

“We’ve done all we can and what we are required to do as members of parliament and students have to do their part as well.

UPNG produces over 50pc human resource: Professor

These were the remarks from UPNG pro vice-chancellor, Professor Mange Matui, during the opening of the 2nd UPNG Career Expo on Tuesday.

He said having this in mind, students need to make use of the opportunity they have been given, instead of taking it for granted.

Compared to last year’s expo, Tuesday’s event was hailed a major success.

Slow start for most schools

Schools in Central Province and the National Capital District did mainly registration and enrollment of students today before classes get into full swing during the week.

Loop PNG visited schools in the Central Province, including Porebada Primary School.

The school is located within Porebada Village in the Kairuku-Hiri District and has a population of over 700 students, excluding the elementary school.

Students were busy cleaning up the school ground and classrooms to get them ready for classes.