DHERST responds to UPNG students’ concerns

The additional fees are to compensate for the outstanding payments for Tertiary Education Student Assistance Scheme (TESAS) scholarships for semester 2 of 2017.

Students took to social media to air their grievances regarding the UPNG administration’s decision for students and their parents to foot 50 percent of the 2017 outstanding payments for TESAS scholarship. This is on top of the 2018 compulsory tuition and lodging and accommodation fees.

Students reached out to this newsroom outlining the 2018 registration process.

Free medical checks for students

The checks will be conducted by doctors who are members of the PNG Emergency Medicine fraternity attached to Emergency Departments, in particular at the Port Moresby General and Gerehu hospitals in Port Moresby.

The free medical checks are also applicable to Angau, Modilon, Mt. Hagen and Popondetta hospitals where other specialists are based and located.

Chief - Emergency Medicine, Sam Yockopua, says this is their community service to the support received from the community.

Students sent home

Its effects were surely felt today  in the nation's capital and parts of Central Province when schools were forced to send their students back home due to the continuous downpour and cold weather.

However, what's more concerning is the project fee.

While the government has issued another warning to schools not to charge project fees, parents and teachers know too well that schools need it.

At one of the city’s biggest primary schools, Wardstrip Demonstration, concerns relating to project fees were the main query raised by parents.

Teacher raises concern for students concentration

Charlie is the principal of Ted Diro Primary, one of NCD’s best performing school.

Sadly, this year, the school saw only half of its grade 8 students making it through to grade 9.

Charlie says this was not the case in previous years.

And while she blames this on teacher absenteeism and the development of students from stage to stage, she adds that many students this year were average and below average.

The poor grades, she says is because of lack of concentration by students.

Students’ ticketing process to be improved

Secretary of the Department of Higher Education, Fr Jan Czuba, says currently the Department purchases tickets for all TESAS students however, this process causes delays in students’ travels, further holding up the enrolment process for the students and institutions.

The tertiary institutions will receive money from the Higher Education Department to purchase their students’ tickets once they confirm their lists by early January, Fr Jan explained.

This is so the students can travel to school on time for registration and enrolment.

UPNG Council confirms hike in fees

According to the UPNG Council, the decision was reached in light of the decrease in the annual budget provided by the Government and the increase in the annual costs of essential utilities to maintain the continued operations of the University’s teaching and learning activities.

The council said the increase also reflects the Consumer Price Index adjustment, which will affect both new and continuing undergraduate students.

They further clarified that the tuition fee increase does not apply to international students who enrol at UPNG for their studies.

WHP aims for 40 secondary schools

21 of them have already been built and also officially registered in the last five years. The other 19 will be established in his second term in office, under the education development program.

Governor Wingti made this known last Friday at Baiyer District Headquarters during the commissioning of the district development authority members.

Wingti said his next dream is to partner with existing universities within the country and abroad to establish open campus in the province.

High school students beware: Police

This comes after numerous reports of students getting drunk after their exams and getting caught by law enforcement officers.

Superintendent for Operations, Fred Tundu, said police will be patrolling the city outskirts where students tend to frequent to have drink ups.

“We have experienced this before when exams ends and we are expecting it yet again come the turnaround times for the high schools here in NCD,” he said.

Meantime, Tundu urged parents to also take responsibility of their children and check up on them after hours especially after schools on Fridays.

Students caught drinking

China Town Police in Lae caught Grade 8 students consuming alcohol.

According to Lae police this was after their MOCK Exams earlier this week.

“This is what some children get up to.”

Lae police boss, Anthony Wagambie Jnr is appealing to parents to take responsibility of their children by finding out where their children are.

“This is just one of many incidences like this.”

The students were apprehended by Police, detained and referred to Lae Police Juvenile Justice Unit.

​Pageant sponsors 47 female students

The pageant is about empowering women through education.

It has since spent about K88,000 to universities for this year’s 47 scholarship recipients.

This is an annual scholarship awarded to successful recipients who best fit their outlined criteria.

According to the MPIP chairperson, Molly O’Rourke, the pageant scholarship prioritises medical students and those taking education, as the country needs more teachers and doctors. 

O’Rourke also confirmed a new scholarship launched this year.