SP PNG Hunters

SP Hunters go down 22-38

The Capras drew first blood two minutes into the game with a try through Maipele Morseau.

Connor Broadhurst lined up near the sideline and with the wind behind him, found his mark to extend their lead by 6 points.

10 minutes into the round 24 clash and Wartovo Puara Jnr managed to ground a loose ball off the foot of captain Ase Boas.

Unfortunately, Watson Boas’ kick was wide off mark.

5 minutes later and the Capras responded with another try through winger Chanel Seigafo, who fleeted past a huddle of confused Hunters defenders for his team’s second try.

SP Hunters eye finals

The sixth-placed SP PNG Hunters aim to play in the Intrust Super Cup finals, and that will be their focus for the remaining games.

The SP PNG Hunters’ winning streak started in round 18 of the Intrust Super Cup.

Since then, they have secured an impressive 6 consecutive wins under their belts.

However, celebrations will have to wait as the team eyes the finals.

SP Hunters assistant coach, Nigel Hukula, says to realise that goal, they aim to secure another two points from the round 24 match against the Central Queensland Capras this Saturday evening.

Hunters’ win maintains their spot on ladder

Their dominant performance in their final home game was more than satisfying for Coach Michael Marum.

True to their word, the SP PNG Hunters made their last home game count in front of a record crowd of 12,000 people at the National Football Stadium.

It was 40-16 when the final whistle blew, with the team looking forward to taking on the Central Queensland Capras on Saturday, August 25th, at Browne Park.

SP Hunters thrash Seagulls 40-16

They played their final home game with their usual grand final approach, keeping the crowd on its feet until the final whistle.

An all-round solid performance by the SP PNG Hunters ensured their 40-16 victory over the Wynnum Manly Seagulls.

Just 1 minute into the round 23 match and senior player Wartovo Puara Jnr wasted no time in crossing over the visitors’ try line.

10 minutes later, an energetic Eddene Gebbie followed suit, bringing the already excited crowd to its feet.

Captain Ase Boas converted the try for a 10-point lead.

SP Brewery announces 18-man squad

During today’s announcement, SP Brewery managing director, Stan Joyce, said they had always believed in the Hunters.

As the official sponsors of the SP PNG Hunters, it was only right for SP Brewery to make the team announcement.

Managing director Joyce said the ride was quite rough during the beginning of the season, but then again, nothing in life is perfect.

“But what is perfect is if you really do believe in yourself, and you do find good leadership and keep the game alive and keep the belief in yourself,” he said.

Focused on final home game

The SP PNG Hunters are now on solid ground and focused on winning their final home game in front of their loved ones and supporters this Sunday.

When the team started training early this year, half of the Hunters squad was made up of newcomers.

It took a while for Coach Michael Marum to establish their strengths and weaknesses.

“By mid-season I knew which players were going to be left out and which players we were going to rely on,” stated Marum.

“We were just waiting on the right time to start winning those games.”

Watson Boas perseveres

The younger of the Boas brothers had suffered a shoulder injury during their round 21 clash against the Souths Logan Magpies on August 5th.

After their encounter with the Souths Logan Magpies at Davies Park, 24-year-old Watson returned to PNG the following day with his arm in a sling.

A concerned Coach Michael Marum said he would be taken to x-ray as soon as possible.

Errors identified, Hunters to start work

After their arrival yesterday (Aug 13), Coach Michael Marum spoke to the media saying, the team started off weak and finished on the same footing in New South Wales.

Though he was pleased with the team’s performance at the Piggabeen Sports Complex, Coach Marum was not one to mince words, as he said the team will be focusing on these minor hiccups as they prepare to meet the Wynnum Manly Seagulls this weekend.

Hunters maintain ranking

The Hunters have steadily moved up the rungs after winning their last 5 games.

Their winning streak started in round 18 when they played against the Northern Pride on July 15th.

After securing a 10-point victory, the Hunters took on the Norths Devils in Lae on July 22nd during the round 19 country week game.

Playing for the first time in PNG’s second largest city, and in front of over 10,000 people, the Hunters trampled the Devils 32-10.

Back at the National Football Stadium, the Hunters mauled the Burleigh Bears 20-10 in round 20.

Hunters dominate in round 22

The PNG boys beat the Tweed Heads Seagulls 22-18 in New South Wales.

The Seagulls came on strong in the opening minutes of the Intrust Super Cup round 22 match with a try through Alex Grant.

An unsuccessful conversion left the scores at 0-4 until 13 minutes into the game and Kody Parsons put another one past the Hunters’ try line.

Rex Johnson converted the try for a 10-point lead.

5 minutes later, a flying Adex Wera responded and a successful conversion by captain Ase Boas narrowed the score margin.