SP PNG Hunters

Twelve home games for Hunters

This includes the Country week round.

In a statement released by the PNGRFL, the 2019 ISC was endorsed at the last CEOs meeting in Brisbane last month.

PNGRFL CEO Reatau Rau said the 12 of the 23 ISC matches, including the Round 18 Country Week round this July, will be played here in PNG.

The 14 team Intrust Super Cup 2019 competition kicks off on the weekend of March 9 and 10 with the SP Hunters playing Tweed Heads Seagulls away in Piggabeen Sports Complex in Brisbane.

Brawa speaks of experience with new club

Rhadley Brawa is currently on break but is excitedly looking forward to resuming training with his new club – the Wynnum Manly Seagulls.

The former SP Hunters superstar never once dreamt that he would be part of an NRL feeder club this early in his career.

The 28-year-old, from a mixed parentage of Teremanda in Enga, and Sinesine in Simbu, was both surprised and humbled when he was informed by the SP Hunters coaching staff that the Wynnum Manly Seagulls, a Broncos feeder club, was interested in him.

SP Hunters on break

The 2019 SP Hunters training camp started off with 60 players mid-November.

By the end of November, the club announced the release of eleven players for personal reasons, failing medical /fitness tests and ruled out with injuries after week one of the pre-season training sessions in Port Moresby.

Fifty players remained after Coach Michael Marum added Jack Oii from Magani club, in the POMRFL competition, to the squad.

After week 2 of the SP Hunters pre-season training, six more players were released.

11 released from Hunters squad

The players are:

1. Muka Peter Kalu - Medical/Fitness

2. William Aquila - Personal

3. Kennedy Ben - Medical / Fitness

4. Edwin Ipape - Personal

5. Weser Tenza - Injuries

6. Joejoe Walamus - Injuries

7. Dickson Pipi - Medical/Fitness

8. Baddy Jack - Medical/Fitness

9. Thompson Gallen - Medical/Fitness

10. Livai Andrew - Injuries

11. Chris Gor - Medical/Fitness

Coach Michael Marum has added Jack Oii from Magani club in the POMRFL competition to the squad.

2019 SP Hunters camp

Coach Michael Marum says the camp will go on for 6 weeks, where it is scheduled to end on December 23rd.

The SP Hunters camp has 60 players at the moment.

Coach Michael Marum is not only looking at the championships and local competitions, but he is also scouting out talent in other sporting codes.

“I’ve just been watching a few touch footy and rugby and AFL,” he said.

“We are still trying to maintain three-quarters of our team from last season.”

PNGRFL commends SP Hunters

The PNGRFL chairman, Sandis Tsaka, said the SP Hunters club displayed a high level of professionalism and culture during that period.

Speaking during the SP Hunters Awards Nite on August 30th, the PNGRFL chairman acknowledged the team’s tireless efforts, patience, passion and commitment during the 2018 season.

“The entire team has served the sport and country with pride and distinction, both on and off the field,” Tsaka said.

“And you have been the pride and great ambassadors of our sport and country.

SP Hunters bow out of competition

They have been maintaining their sixth ranking until the defeat by Central Queensland Capras on Saturday.

For 5 consecutive rounds, the SP PNG Hunters made sure they remained on top of their game.

Coach Michael Marum kept stressing on defensive play, until Saturday evening when weak defense ensured the Capras a 16-point victory, bumping the SP Hunters out of the top 6.

Coach Marum said the football displayed on August 25th was not good enough.

SP Hunters go down 22-38

The Capras drew first blood two minutes into the game with a try through Maipele Morseau.

Connor Broadhurst lined up near the sideline and with the wind behind him, found his mark to extend their lead by 6 points.

10 minutes into the round 24 clash and Wartovo Puara Jnr managed to ground a loose ball off the foot of captain Ase Boas.

Unfortunately, Watson Boas’ kick was wide off mark.

5 minutes later and the Capras responded with another try through winger Chanel Seigafo, who fleeted past a huddle of confused Hunters defenders for his team’s second try.

SP Hunters eye finals

The sixth-placed SP PNG Hunters aim to play in the Intrust Super Cup finals, and that will be their focus for the remaining games.

The SP PNG Hunters’ winning streak started in round 18 of the Intrust Super Cup.

Since then, they have secured an impressive 6 consecutive wins under their belts.

However, celebrations will have to wait as the team eyes the finals.

SP Hunters assistant coach, Nigel Hukula, says to realise that goal, they aim to secure another two points from the round 24 match against the Central Queensland Capras this Saturday evening.

Hunters’ win maintains their spot on ladder

Their dominant performance in their final home game was more than satisfying for Coach Michael Marum.

True to their word, the SP PNG Hunters made their last home game count in front of a record crowd of 12,000 people at the National Football Stadium.

It was 40-16 when the final whistle blew, with the team looking forward to taking on the Central Queensland Capras on Saturday, August 25th, at Browne Park.