Southern Highlands Province

Rumours of SHP volcanic eruption dismissed

Following the devastating 7.5 magnitude earthquake that hit the Highlands region early Monday morning, rumours of Mt Bosavi erupting took social media by storm yesterday (Feb 27).

However, the RVO say satellite images show no unusual happenings at any old Highlands volcanoes. 

Police property damaged in quake: Officer

Police Officer Joseph Kumin, who is on ground in Moro, Southern Highlands Province, told this newsroom that the earthquake hit at around 3:30am today.

Officer Kumin confirmed the 2 strongest tremors lasted up to about 2 minutes, while short tremors are still being felt.

Officer Kumin was not able to confirm the total damages in Moro, but said police officers found their desktop computers and printers on the floor of their office, damaged.

Fully-kitted ambulance for rural centre

Recently the health centre received a brand new fully-kitted Mobile Health Clinic (MHC) ambulance to assist with its rural health outreach programs to the 22,000-plus population it serves.

This was possible thanks to a Public Private Partner arrangement between Digicel PNG Foundation and the Imbonggu District Development Authority (DDA), each sharing 50 percent of the total cost.

Mendi anticipates PAC swearing-in

This is in preparation for the swearing - in of the provinces, Provincial Assembly council members.

Meantime, the Prime Minister, Peter O'Neill, is expected to arrive today as well to be sworn-in.

Other members of the Assembly include Governor, William Powi, Imbonggu MP, Pila Ninigi, Mendi MP, Michael Nali, Nipa Kutubu MP, Jeffrey Komal and Kagua Erave MP, Wesley Raminai.

Meanwhile, police are maintaining road checks and can be observed to be checking vehicles driving into and out of Mendi.

More updates to come.

LOs welcome Govt’s announcement

Hides PDL 1 landowners say they are eager to finally benefit from the LNG Project.

However, they want the Government to stick to the schedule that the state has outlined in the roll out of the program or else there will be consequences.

In a media conference today, the landowners said it has been a long time coming for the landowner identification to be completed.

They said they were happy with the announcement and will work with the government to ensure that the process is completed.

Safe drinking water for Hebaiya village

This is part of phase two of Oil Search’s drought relief program with the opening of a Hebaiya water project this month.

The effects of the 2015 El Nino induced drought brought many challenges to numerous communities living within the Oil Search operational areas.

For the villages of Hebaiya, having access to safe drinking water is a dream come true.

Lake Kutubu Local Level Government president, John Pipi Kila, thanked Oil Search and urged the village of Hebaiya to take ownership of the water project.

Troops yet to be deployed to Mendi

According to sources on ground, the situation has remained unchanged since the killing of the police officers.

The two policemen were killed in a daylight ambush on Sept 30, 2017, while another officer was wounded.

In fear of their lives, Police in Mendi are now moving around in civilian wear.

Sources state that since the killing, Mendi is yet to see services return to normal.

Shopping centres, business houses, Air Niugini and even BSP remain closed, forcing public servants to travel out to other provinces to use and make transactions.

Kutubu’s invisible tug-of-war

Over the years, the impact of this invisible tug-of-war has left a generation of confused youth.

With not much development and less empowerment, the local population is geared toward a contemporary lifestyle, proving to be more dangerous overtime.

But the communities of Kutubu LLG are no longer waiting for government intervention.

Local authority figures have encouraged youth groups to take the social responsibility in keeping the young generation in line.

One such group is the Kutubu Theater Youth Group formed in 2004.

SHP killings were senseless!

Commissioner Baki told Loop PNG this morning that the killings were ridiculous and unnecessary.

“We are losing policemen’s lives for unnecessary reasons. These people do not have any dignity for life, let alone care about human life at all.”

Believed to be election-related, Baki said it is obvious that these were supporters of the losing candidate.

“These officers don’t even know that these people are supporters of the losing candidate or if they were disappointed about the declaration of William Powi.”

2 dead, several injured in POM clash

The incident was allegedly instigated by a woman vendor at one of the community markets just near the settlement.

The clash started yesterday and is still ongoing between two communities from Mt Hagen and Pangia.

Police are now at the scene as situation is very tense, while the two sides are armed with dangerous weapons.

Gerehu police station commander, Robert Kurei, confirmed with TVWAN that two were killed yesterday while a number of injuries have been reported.

The deceased are from Pangia, Southern Highlands Province.