South Pacific Export Lager

‘Export Art Series’ cans launched

SP Brewery has proudly launched its ‘Export Art Series’ cans, under its South Pacific Export Lager Brand, following a successful nationwide design competition in 2018.

From the 500 entries received during the competition, 22 winning designs from each province were selected and the winners received K1,000 each as prize money for their artwork.

Each winning design will be featured on the famous South Pacific Export Lager white can this year.

SP Export claims naming rights to Mask Festival

A contract was signed yesterday in Port Moresby between the Festival Committee and SP Brewery to formalise an undisclosed sponsorship package.

The agreement solidifies a potentially long term partnership between the committee and the Brewery.

SP Brewery Marketing Manager, Josh Wheeler, said today that cultural preservation in a constantly evolving world is critical for Papua New Guinea.

And they are proud to be supporting the Festival preserve PNG culture for future generations.

SP Brewery launches Export can comp

The competition aims to celebrate the unique and special art from each and every province in PNG by showcasing the art of 22 limited edition cans that will be launched in October and be a part of a campaign to celebrate the best of PNG.

SP Brewery marketing manager, Josh Wheeler, said Export Lager wants to build a platform that inspires positivity and empowers Papua New Guineans to be and do better through celebrating the best of PNG; in this instance the indigenous arts and designs.