Sorcery accusation related violence (SARV)

SHP police trained to handle SARV cases

Provincial Police Commander (PPC), Martin Lakari, said SARV is widespread in the Highlands region and it is crucial police officers are able to properly investigate and prosecute these crimes.

“Police are the first point of contact when SARV escalates in the communities and villages, so it’s important to possess the necessary skills to effectively investigate and prosecute,” PPC Lakari said.

Intensive training on SARV

Thirty-two Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary officers in the province were briefed on the latest laws and legal framework regarding SARV crimes at the recent workshop in Minj.

Participants took part in discussions and activities on efficient ways to identify and charge alleged perpetrators in SARV cases.

Constable Alice Bureng from Banz Police Station said they attended to SARV cases on a weekly basis.

Govt called to act

They made this call during an appearance at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Tribal Foundation is urging the government to enforce existing laws and prosecute both perpetrators and instigators of Sorcery Accusation Related Violence.

Tribal believes these initiatives will be strengthened by the creation of a much needed National Human Rights Commission, which the Prime Minister called for in 2012 and again in 2018, after a visit by the then UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein.

Sorcery victim released from hospital

Husband of the victim, Mathias Siba, told a District Court sitting at Bomana today that she has been discharged from hospital but is still unable to walk.

Margaret Siba, in her 60s, requires aid from her family members to move around in the house, including going to the toilet.

She was released from the Port Moresby General Hospital last Wednesday and now resides at Morata One with her son.

Sorcery case: Court still not satisfied on victim’s safety

The two women are from Marawaka in Eastern Highlands Province.

The Waigani Committal Court is still not satisfied that the safety of the victim, Margaret Siba, from Chimbu, will be guaranteed if the defendants are let out on bail.

Almen Sana, Pangume Jethro, Morris Alla, Jennet Alla, Nancy Allan, Mani Koi, Kenneth Philip and Iso Birame all returned before Deputy Chief Magistrate, Dessie Magaru today.

Early this week they asked the court for bail, which was refused after the court expressed concerns of the safety of the victim if the defendants are released on bail.

Aggressive campaigns needed for sorcery awareness

Non-Government Organisations have identified these as vital tools to addressing this issue.

Department for Community Development and Religion confirmed they have funding to cater for this and anticipate increasing the level of awareness nationwide.

The Department’s acting deputy secretary, Jerry Ubase, said the Department is now focused on rolling out more awareness programs this year, thanks to the K10 million budgeted for awareness programs.

Police to bring in sorcery case suspects

NCD Taskforce Commander, Mark Mosinakave, says they have a witness willing to go on record and will move forward to apprehend suspects as soon as they verify all information given in.

Mosinakave says his unit will be moving in to bring in the suspects and hold them on attempted murder charges.

Meantime, NCD metropolitan police commander, Perou N'Dranou, has condemned the attack and said that such practices have no place in the city.

"These people are just ignorant bullies preying on the weak," says N’Dranou.

Parkop disgusted, embarrassed

The woman was tortured in Port Moresby over sorcery allegations.

Governor Parkop said it is embarrassing that this behaviour is occurring in the city.

He said some city residents are still backward in their thinking and should lose their right or freedom to live in the city.

When contacted, Governor Parkop said he was reaching his limit in tolerance to these type of behaviour, and will start considering tough measures against such people.

He was happy police intervened but wants the perpetrators arrested and charged.

NCD torture not first in area: Official

Duran Farm Housing Project general manager, John Kume, said such practises have happened several times.

The torture of the elderly woman took place on development land earmarked for the Duran Farm Housing Project.

Known as portion 528, the area has been occupied by settlers from various ethnicities.

Kume, who was at the scene of the incident, said it was shocking that such a practise was happening in the city.

POM sorcery attack victim being treated: Dr

Head of the Emergency Department, Dr. Sam Yockopua, confirmed that she was brought in and has been attended to.

Dr Yockopua said the elderly woman sustained scratches and minor cuts to her body after being dragged on the ground. She also suffered a knife wound to the head.

He said she received minor burns which are not life threatening.

The ER Head said the woman will remain at the hospital and receive treatment and psychological support.

She is expected to remain at the hospital until she is in a stable condition.