Solomon Kantha

Tender process for immigration centre starts

PNG Chief Migration Officer, Solomon Kantha, released a public statement saying it is the preference of the Government that a PNG company or joint venture be appointed to operate ICA’s new border security capability.

He said the chosen provider will be responsible for services at the Bomana Immigration Centre, including security, facilities management, catering and cleaning.

The centre will be accommodating persons with no rights to remain in PNG.

Controversial case of Chinese national clarified

This case was raised in Parliament by Northern Governor Gary Juffa recently.

Solomon Kantha said: “The removal orders signed against Mr He Kai were rescinded by former Minister who signed the orders. This former Minister had written to then Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration stating that the facts of the case were not made available to him at the time he signed the removal orders.

Kantha working to make borders more secure

Kantha, who was returning from duty travel to the United Nations in New York, utilised the opportunity to explore further efforts to modernise and strengthen PNG’s borders.

Speaking from Bangkok, Kantha thanked Thai Immigration for accommodating his visit. 

He said ‘Thai Immigration is a strategic regional partner that has considerable experience combating human trafficking and other irregular migration activities. Thailand is also an APEC member and hosted the summit in 2003 – so their experience is invaluable to ICA’.

Committee to deliberate on citizenship applications

This will include West Papuans, said Chief Migration Officer Solomon Kantha.

Kantha announced this when meeting the newly-appointed Citizenship Advisory

Committee Chairman, Francis Maneke, Member for Talasea Open, and Deputy

Chair Koi Trape, Member for Mul-Baiyer, at the Immigration and Citizenship Authority (ICA) Office in Port Moresby recently.

Kantha summoned by court

He is to appear in court, on a date that is yet to be set, to give evidence on the citizenship status of West New Britain Governor Sasindran Muthuvel.

Petitioner in the case, Chris Lagisa, requested for Kantha to be in court to verify the Governor’s citizenship status.

Lagisa’s lawyer asked the court to have him summoned to verify if Muthuvel has a dual citizenship.

He alleges that Mutuvel is not qualified, competent and did not lawfully nominate as a candidate due to his citizenship status.

​Chief: Refugees in POM will return to Manus

More than 90 refugees and asylum seekers have been transferred to Port Moresby since the dismantling of the Manus centre commenced. Some believe they will not return and be resettled in Port Moresby instead.

But Kantha said they were sent to Port Moresby for medical assistance.

“Given the pressure on the Lorengau Hospital, we are working to see how best their medical needs can be supported.

“No one from the medical transfers will be settled in Port Moresby or anywhere else. Only refugees with a visa and job placement can be considered for settlement,” he said.

New stringent process for travel documents

The authority will be making several changes to required accompanying documents to passport applications to ensure there are no falsified or misleading information.

In a public notice, Acting Chief Migration Officer, Solomon Kantha, says the changes were necessary due to the recent integrity issued concerning lodgment of applications for PNG passport by persons providing misleading or falsified information.

He said to address this, the following changes, which become effective as of March 01, have been made:

Officers beef up migration fort

Acting Chief Migration officer, Solomon Kantha made these remarks after successful completion of five weeks of international security escort training for immigration, Police (RPNGC) and Correctional Service officers.

Kantha in a statement said the changes also provide for the reasonable use of force where required to achieve outcomes.

“The training focussed on techniques to manage the removal of people by air, ensuring the orderly, safe and dignified departure of unlawful-non-citizens.