Secretary for Health

NCD Health Services no longer under NDoH

NCD Health Services now falls under the management of the city authority.

For many years Port Moresby’s health services have suffered with patients paying the price of this administrative blunder.

Management and running of most of the provincial clinics and health centres across the country fall directly under their provincial governments but this has not been the case for Port Moresby clinics and health centres.

Secretary for Health Pascoe Kase said due to this, provision of health services in the nation’s capital has performed below required indicators.

Cervical cancer vaccination medically proven to be safe.

Kase made the appeal today (March 4, 2017) while brushing aside false social media alarms about bad effects of the vaccination.

Some people might have mild side effects when they get the vaccine such as pain, redness or swelling at the site of the injection…that usually pass quickly, according to the Health Secretary.

“More severe side effects such as anaphylactic (allergic) reaction are extremely rare. They normally only happen if you’re allergic to an ingredient in the vaccine,” he said.