school fights

Lae Secondary remains closed

The school closed yesterday following an attempted confrontation by students from Bugandi Secondary School.

According to police reports, male students from Bugandi Secondary School mobilised and ran up to Eriku with the intention to attack male students from Lae Secondary School.

Quick response by police and intervention by Lae Secondary School teachers to pull their students back into the school premises, prevented what could have been another major inter-school fighting.

The cause of the conflict is still unknown.

Most ENB secondary schools remain suspended

This was revealed during a meet between the administration of all secondary level institutions in the province, the provincial administrator and education council, on Friday.

Chairman of the Provincial Education Council, Cosmas Bauk, told the principals: “Don’t resume until the culprits are apprehended.

“Only a minority are jeopardising the entire student body’s education.

“Blacklist those students!”