Sam Koim

Firms’ tax liabilities can be transferred to individuals

Koim said individuals who run a company and incur a tax bill will still be liable even if they deregister the company.

The warning comes after change in tax laws, according to Koim.

“There’s a change of law to go after individuals, this is another message I would like the public to know,” he stated.

“People will think that I can register a company and once the IRC catches up with me, I can leave that company and go and register a new company.

New acting Commissioner General for IRC

His appointment comes after Dr Alois Daton’s acting appointment term came to an end last month.

Koim’s appointment was announced by Treasurer Sam Basil today.

In a statement issued Koim said he now has a mammoth task ahead of him, given the country’s company tax compliance rate of 9 percent rate last year.

There is also the K18 billion in unreported sales revenue in 2016 and a tax debt of K5 billion yet to be collected.


Police will investigate alleged assassination plot against Kramer: Baki

Commissioner of Police, Gari Baki, said to date, no report of this alleged plot was reported to police but Kramer, like every other national leader, can be accorded police protection if the allegations are proven to be credible.

His statement follows a social media post by Kramer where he said: “I was contacted by former Chairman of Anti-corruption Task Sweep Sam Koim to inform me he had received reliable intelligence that individuals with political connections were planning to have me assassinated.

Baki’s review case further adjourned

The judge presiding over the matter Justice Leka Nablu adjourned the case because she wanted the state to be ready to address the court.

Commissioner Baki filed the case asking the National Court to review the two NEC decisions that led to the establishment of the Task Force Sweep team.

The matter returned to court on Thursday.

This time, Sam Koim as Chairman of the Investigation Task Force Sweep team (now abolished) and the state were present in court.

​Baki seeks to nullify ITFS establishment

Royal PNG Constabulary lawyers, on May 8, filed the case against Sam Koim as chairman of Investigation Task Force Sweep team, Chief Inspector Timothy Gitua, Sergeant Aaron Eliza, Sergeant Pius Peng, Senior Constable Basi Sopata comprising the Investigation Task Force Sweep team, the NEC and the State.

In-house lawyer from the Constabulary, Stanley Poga, appeared before Justice Leka Nablu last week for the proceeding filed under the judicial review track.

However, the matter was adjourned because the state did not appear, despite being served on May 16.

Koim: People can decide at election

 Sam Koim made this comment after a three-man Supreme Court bench allowed the withdrawal of an appeal, the Investigation Task Force Sweep Team filed, challenging the decision of the National Court when it dismissed its judicial review on the disbanding of ITFS.

Leave was sought in the court by Koim in his capacity as Chairman of the Investigation Task Force Sweep team on Wednesday, which was allowed.

No more Task Force Sweep team

 A three-man Supreme Court bench this morning allowed the withdrawal of the appeal after leave was sought in the court by Sam Koim in his capacity as Chairman of the Investigation Task Force Sweep team.

This now means that the stay that was issued by the Supreme Court in February, allowing the work of the Task Force Sweep team to continue, while the Supreme Court deals with the appeal is discharged.

Koim asked the court this morning to allow him to withdraw the appeal which was filed challenging the decision of a Judicial Review in the National Court.

Task Force Sweep appeal set

Sam Koim, the appellant as chairman of ITFS, was not present in court. However, lawyers representing Prime Minister Peter O’Neill confirmed the hearing date in court yesterday during a status conference before Justice Collin Makail.

Three volumes of the appeal books were filed on March 31.

The substantive appeal, including an application to introduce fresh evidence, will be heard on April 26.

Parties were told to file their submissions by April 19.

Hearing date set for Task Force Sweep appeal

The date was set today when the matter came for directions before Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia.

Directions were also issued by the court for parties to prepare, file and serve relevant court documents to each other before the case returns on April 10 further mention on the compliance of those orders.

The substantive appeal hearing will come before three judges. This is after the Supreme Court on Feb 15 agreed to hear the appeal.

This appeal was filed challenging the National Court’s decision to dismiss its judicial review proceeding.

Tentative dates to be set for ITFS appeal

The case came for listing on Thursday before Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia who indicated this in court.

Currently lawyers for the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, and Sam Koim representing himself as Chairman of the Investigation Task Force Sweep team are still in the process of settling what is called the Index books which will be used to assist judges in the substantive appeal hearing.

The matter will return to court next week Tuesday (March 7) for further directions before a tentative date can be set for hearing.