Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary

Police pay up for power

“Power has been restored after receiving a cheque of K800,000 this morning,” PPL acting chief executive officer John Yanis told Loop PNG.

The state-owned power supplier turned off power supply to the police headquarters after the department failed to settle their bills amounting to K2.2 million.

Yanis said PNG Power needs money to operate, and other state institutions who owe the company will see their power switched off also.

“We are running a business, we need money to operate.

Top cops on Buka to plan for ‘modernisation’

The arrival of the officers flooded the small Buka Township after they were warmly received at the airport on Saturday with Bougainville bamboo bands.

Commissioner of Police Gari Baki and his two acting deputies, Raphael Huafolo (Administration) and Jim Andrews, led Assistant Commissioners of Police (ACPs), Provincial Police Commanders (PPCs) and metropolitan superintendents.

Australia Federal Police (AFP) Assistant Commissioner Allan Scott was also part of the group for what is scheduled to be a week-long conference.

New command structure for police in Highlands

The huge area has been split into Highlands Western Regional Command and Highlands Eastern Regional Command.

Western command will be based in Mendi, to cater for Hela, Southern Highlands and Enga provinces.

The Eastern end will be headquartered in Mount Hagen and will look after Western Highlands, Jiwaka and Chimbu provinces while Eastern Highlands comes under Momase.

The commanders are Assistant Commissioner of Police Teddy Tei for the Western Command and his counterpart Nema Mondiai  will control the Eastern End.

Police chief stands by his NCD commanders

Baki told PNG Loop that the stance taken by NCD Commander Sylvester Kalaut and his Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi was appropriate given the tensions on the ground.

Public safety and decorum could not be guaranteed while opportunists were among genuine protestors looking to stir up  tensions.

Meantime, he welcomed the alleged victims filing their complaints, saying  that investigations will be held into the conduct of the police who are referred.

Public warned not to test patience

Baki says that police are not machines and have emotions as well as breaking points in their patience.

While he condemned the alleged assault that took place during this week's public protest, he says that from experience police are always on the receiving end of public scrutiny from various alleged assault cases.

Bake says that while police must act accordingly, the public must also not agitate the situation by bad mouthing the duties that are carried out by police who ensure the public's safety.

Senior police urged to help new recruits

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) for Momase Nema Mondiai said they have to play some parental roles for those new passouts posted to Vanimo in the recent graduation from Bomana Police College.

"The police career is a new profession they have chosen to (take on) and this is their first field experience. And we as seniors, let's be their parents and give them the parental advice.

"They are like our children.  Let's guide them with the dos and the don'ts. They are here to boost our strength," Mondiai said.

Wagambie promises to fight crime in Lae

Members of the Lae metropolitan command and colleagues from the Australian Federal Police put on a parade during the handover takeover ceremony between former Metropolitan superintendent Iven Lakatani and welcomed Wagambie Jr.

"I will continue on from where the former Met Supt has left. But policing priorities will be focused on motor vehicle thefts, armed robberies, and school fights," he said.

"Lae is a very challenging command because of increasing business activities as well as increased settlements and it is connected by road and sea to many other provinces."

Villagers call on city leaders to explain graves dilemma

They were not consultative as was alluded to earlier this week by officials of the National Capital District Commission.

Cr David Davai  of the Elevala, Lahara area says that as the mandated leader he was very concerned at the way the consultations had been managed between the developers and the customary landowners.

In a media briefing today, councillors and villager leaders met with reporters at the cemetery lot opposite the Hagara Primary School to voice concerns over this issue.