Public Health

Public health still a problem in PNG: NGO

According to Susu Mamas, PNG still has one of the highest mortality rates for children under five years of age in the Western Pacific Region.

Susu Mamas is a registered national non-government organisation providing free integrated primary health care services, including maternal and child health services in a number of urban health facilities and mobile rural outreach services.

Informal sector: Public health challenge

However, in reality, the most convenient alternative for majority of Papua New Guineans roadside breakfast, lunch or dinner.

This varies…and of course high on the list are: Fried lamb flaps, sausage and potato, fried fish and sago, boiled kaukau (sweet potato), coconut creamed kumu (greens) and chicken.

And for those in the informal sector, this makes good money but with it comes the concern for public health.