Professor Cecilia Nembou

Be a generator of jobs rather a job seeker: Prof Nembou


Professor Nembou said graduation is just the beginning of a new journey to explore new opportunities at the market place.

“You have worked very hard and persevered, and can rightly feel proud of your achievements.

“Graduations mark the start of a new and wonderful journey in life ahead growing from the seeds you have sowed during your period at the University.

“You are now equipped with the tools that will help you forge a future for yourself – in a future of immense possibilities—and a future that you will make with your own efforts.”

Nembou’s first graduation as DWU President

Prof. Nembou this year took over the reins from Fr. Jan Czuba as the first PNG national president since the inauguration of the DWU as a university.

Prof Cecilia Nembou said DWU is moving towards making its programs more relevant and accessible in a fast evolving higher education and economic environment.

In her address to the graduates, Prof. Nembou said graduation is the second phase in the initiation into the real world.

“Beware that the real world is not user friendly.

“You will encounter many kinds of opportunities and challenges, some good, some bad,