Preliminary Report

Chuuk crash preliminary report published

The PNG Accident Investigation Commission has stated this when releasing its Preliminary Report on Friday October 26 with details of the aircraft which crash landed in Chuuk Lagoon.

The Preliminary reports states that the Pilots included a 52 year old Papua New Guinenan Captain with 19, 780.7 hours of flight time under his belt, and a 35 year old Australian Co-Pilot with 4, 618 hours flight time under his belt.

There were 12 crewmembers and 35 passengers on board. Six passengers were seriously injured, and one passenger fatally injured.

Kiunga accident: Pilot unaware of ‘attachment’

According to the Accident Investigation Commission (AIC) preliminary report, the accident occurred on February 15th where the longline was attached to a net carrying three full 200L metal drums containing diesel fuel.

The preliminary report, however, falls short of stating whether this is the actual cause of the accident. However, it notes that investigations are ongoing.