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Central PCC: So far so good


Speaking this week from the one day polling in Babaka village, Asi reported: “We began on Saturday morning, deploying men to the different districts. People are being orderly and going to cast their votes. So far so good.

“I would encourage people to go to their polling places and vote. We won’t allow people to intimidate or influence or bribe voters. The people must exercise their democratic right and vote for the candidate of their choice,” said Asi.

Central province to have liquor ban

Central province  police commander Laimo Asi says that this is part of the polling period security operations in the province.

PPC Asi says that there will also be road blocks set up at strategic locations along the highways into the province to control the ferrying of liquor.

He adds that all the liquor outlets will be closely monitored by the police personnel on election duty and warned people to observe the liquor ban in place.

The liquor ban will come into effect as of 6pm this Friday June 23rd.

Central police commander suggests partial buai ban


Central police commander Laimo Asi suggests that one area that the leaders in the province must support is the introduction of control measures for the buai trade.

Asi says he is suggesting for the provincial government to support his personnel and impose a “partial” buai ban.

The PPC says while he would ideally like to see the trade shut down realistically, this will not be the case as many depend on the thriving trade to make ends meet.