Porgera Joint Venture (PJV)

New homes for Porgera LOs

Their houses, constructed under the gold mine’s relocation program for landowners impacted by mining activities, are located at Paiam in Porgera, Aiyak and Kasap in Laiagam, and at Sapos village within Wapenamanda’s Tsak valley.

Under PJV’s Local Procurement Policy, the homes were built by local contractors Heli Limi Limited (Paiam), Kalane Construction and Engineering (Aiyak and Kasap) and Kyakangen (Sapos).

PJV’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Senior Manager Timothy Andambo was on hand to present the keys to the home owners.

Maintenance work on Porgera bridge

This week the Porgera miner carried out maintenance work on the Aipulungu Bridge – one of the two bridges that connect Paiam Township to Porgera Station and the Porgera Gold Mine.

The PJV roadworks team on February 23rd removed the damaged bridge deck planks on the Bailey Double Single Reinforced – 7 Bay bridge, removed damaged stringers, and placed new stringers followed by the new deck planks before reopening the bridge to motorists.

Senior Engineer Josiah Kunai said the maintenance work was carried out after an inspection of the bridge by the PJV team.

First harvest on display

Under the PJV Food Security program, they were able to acquire improved crop farming skills through the Agrikids program, which is targeted at school children.

According to PJV Executive Managing Director Anthony Esplin, the company is happy to support communities in re-establishing agriculture skills, particularly through agriculture oriented projects.

“I spent most of my career working in developing countries around the world, and I’m a very great believer in the power of mining companies to do good in the communities where we operate.

K150,000 boost for teachers’ program

The Porgera Joint Venture (PJV) has partnered with the Kokoda Track Foundation with a support of K150,000 to enable teachers in Enga to participate in KTF’s ‘Teach for Tomorrow’ training program.

The ‘Teach for Tomorrow’ program enables partially trained elementary teachers to complete their Certificates of Elementary Teaching, and become certified as fully-fledged elementary teachers.

The Enga project commenced in Wabag on 24 July, and will run for 6 weeks.

​Improved farming method for Porgera farmers

Porgera Joint Venture (PJV) introduced the method, which is also aimed at assisting farmers re-use their gardening plots all year round.    

The initiative was under the PJV Food Security Program.  

According to community development senior advisor, Regina Toropo, the method not only boosts soil fertility but improves quality and yield of vegetables, where the surplus can be sold at local markets.

“The results remain favourable as long as farmers continue to make composts and apply to their gardens.”  

K10 million for Porgera high upgrade

Enga Governor, Sir Peter Ipatas, revealed this during the ground-breaking ceremony of the upgrading project at Paiam Oval recently.

During the ceremony, Ipatas thanked project sponsors, which include Porgera Joint Venture (PJV) and the Government.

He said with the upgrade, students in Porgera need not attend secondary schools in Wabag or Wapenamanda.

“So people of Porgera, people of Enga, we must know that there is development coming to our area,” said Ipatas.

New maternity ward to aid expecting mothers

The construction has been welcomed by Health Extension Officer (HEO) in charge of the clinic, Jerry Maku, and his staff who received building materials late last month from Porgera Joint Venture (PJV).

“A lot of mothers come here to deliver but we don’t have a delivery area. I am thankful the management heard about my request and came in a fast way,” a very appreciative Maku said.

Maku is also the health officer for Porgera district, including the Paiela sub-district.

Tons of vegetables grown after training

And yields are expected to increase annually as the training programs continue.

Porgera Joint Venture (PJV) revealed this in a statement when announcing training programs for local farmers to properly maintain their gardens.

Local farmers within the Special Mining Lease (SML) area of the Porgera gold mine, who recently received skills on maintaining gardens, say their abilities will come in handy after the closure of the mine.

Jackybeth Peter from Yarik, who is one of the recipients, said this following the training provided by PJV.

Porgera CCI and SMEC to promote business development

The MoU also aims to provide alternate avenues of income generation for locals in Laigap-Porgera once the Porgera mine eventually shuts down.

Porgera CCI Chairman, Nickson Pakea,  said the MoU provide relevant training programs for local people to venture into small and medium business enterprises.

“It means that whoever is already in the field to start up a small or medium business enterprise, we will promote them, and whoever wants to venture into business, we will train them and make them become businessmen or women,” he said.

PDPA thanks partners for support

The devices include walking aids consisting of auxiliary crutches, elbow crutches and walking sticks which have been donated to all 27 recommended PDPA members.

The assistive devices were donated by AusAID and delivered to the PDPA through the assistance of Porgera Joint Venture.

During a handover ceremony, PDPA President, Thomas Petale, thanked AusAID as well as PJV for facilitating the delivery of the devices to them.

Petale, who is also an employee of PJV, commended PJV for recognising and supporting the population with disability in the district.