Porgera gold mine

Porgera raid against Ministers advise

Kramer said he was informed of the impending raid during his last visit to Porgera and strongly advised against it given the lack of protective gear and training.

He said when he learnt of the death of the police officer he was upset.

Minister Kramer was responding to questions by NCD Governor, Powes Parkop, on the proliferation of guns in tribal communities in rural PNG.

Mine operations to continue until determination: Minister

On Tuesday, the Mineral Resources Authority outlined this among other updates relating to the extension application and negotiations to continue operating the joint-venture project in Enga Province.

The Porgera Gold Mine Special Mining Lease 1(P) and 14 supporting tenements expired on 16th August 2019, but is subject to the continuation in force of those tenements until the determination of the extension application.

Community denounces alcohol, tribal fighting

Yokoloma is a community within the Special Mining Lease (SML) of the Porgera Gold Mine.

On 26 February, one of the biggest clan within the SML area, Mamai Clan, made up of people basically from Yokolama, Alipis and Panadaka, took ownership to denounce publicly the sale and consumption of alcohol, marijuana and illegal drugs. They also said no to engaging in unacceptable social activities such as tribal warfare or violence, carrying around offensive weapons in public and stealing and illegal mining within the clan areas.

Porgera’s potential for another 10 years: CEO

But to ensure the mine achieves this result, the challenge is now on the management and staff and the local community to work together and to ensure that benefits continue to flow to all stakeholders.

The new President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Barrick Gold Corporation, Mark Bristow, made these comments during a ‘question and answer’ (Q&A) session with employees recently at the Porgera Gold Mine.

‘A generation without education’

The Justice Foundation for Porgera is campaigning against the renewal of the mine’s licence, claiming obvious breaches in agreement by Porgera Joint Venture.

The Justice Foundation for Porgera labeled local children “a generation without education”.

The Foundation said over the years, the mine had done catastrophic damages to the people and the environment, but the company and the government had failed to address those issues.

It was claimed that while there are over 4,000 children in the Special Mining Lease area, none of them go to school.

K42bn lawsuit against State

Chairman of the Justice Foundation for Porgera, Jonathan Paraia, announced the action taken on behalf of the landowners on November 30th.

On Friday November 30th, Paraia, backed by supporters and a legal representative, announced the lawsuit against the state.

“This is a statement on behalf of the landowners of the special mining lease of Pogera in the Enga Province of PNG. The people and landowners of Porgera are united. The chief of the Porgerans now speak in one voice.

NATTB conducts trade tests at Porgera

The tests in HEF Level Three and Electrical Level Two were conducted from 13 to 19 November, 2017, administered by William Tiru from NATTB’s quality assurance and accreditation office under the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations.

“We at NATTB work in partnership with Porgera Joint Venture to recognise and certify the skilled workforce,” Tiru said. 

Porgera Secondary gets revamped science laboratory

The school’s twenty year old science laboratory was fully renovated with standard specific science laboratory equipment ordered from Australia and fitted.

BNL through its Community Projects section - Tax Credit Scheme, undertook maintenance and renovation of the building at a cost of K170, 000.

The funding comes under part of Porgera Joint Venture’s (PJV) K1.1 million contribution toward supporting the school’s infrastructure enhancement program, after it was elevated from high school to secondary school status last year.