POM Residents

Pom residents warned to behave: Police

Police have passed on a very important message for residents to welcome the New Year responsibly.

In a briefing this morning with the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’dranou and his senior officers, Port Moresby residents have been warned to refrain from intolerable behaviors that will put them in trouble with the law.

NCD Police boss said for the residents to continue to behave and celebrate the same way they did during the Christmas period.

City residents flock to celebrate ENB day

Since the gates opened at 8am today, stalls were sold out and the aroma of traditional cuisine was in the air.

Although the programme was running behind time, local ENB artist kept the sea of people entertained and kicking.

A traditional dance by a group of dancers form McGregor Barracks started off the day with a traditional routine from back in Rabaul followed by a song by locally known artist "Silas".

The days celebrations has just started and people are still lining up outside the gate to purchase a ticket to catch a glimps of the days celebrations.