Police union

Police union raises insurance concerns for members

The Union spoke to media this afternoon about the issue of outstanding allowances while also highlighting the massive K7million insurance claims that has yet to be paid to personnel.

The union president, Loa Tambua highlighted the need for police personnel, especially those on call to be recognized for their loyalty despite allowances not being paid.

He defended personnel who he says are still carrying out their duties despite not being paid vital allowances such as insurance.

Police to get pay increase

This increase will see the lowest ranked officers in the police hierarchy benefit tremendously.

This was revealed during a signing ceremony today between the police union and the RPNGC on the said agreement.

The increase in salary also comes under the government’s approach to increase salary for public servants.

Although a much compatible percentage was requested by the union who took into account the efforts of service provided by the police, General Secretary of the Police Union, Clemence Kanau said the 3 per cent increase is also welcome news.

Police Union: Gitua and Damaru internal case

Union President Lowa Tambua says that the case of Mathew Damaru and Timothy Gitua were more along the lines of being an internal administrative matter.

He outlined that in the past during the previous tenure of commissioners like Tom Kulunga, Geoffrey Vaki and Gari Baki  the union has been vocal over what they see as political interference.

Tambua reiterated that constant and continual political manoeuvring is detrimental to the welfare and employment conditions of police which is the very thing that the union is in place to fight for.

Police union against Baki’s removal

Union president Lowa Tambua says removing Baki will destabilise the command structure of the force as well as damage all the good work that has been done by Baki in the last seven months since he has taken office.

Lowa says this is not the right time to make another change as Baki is also spearheading a massive modernisation program. His stance on zero tolerance of corrupt practices has also made a positive impact.

The issue of national elections is coming up and a change of guard, according to Lowa, will really affect the force and their preparations.