Police Brutality

​Doctors' association aims to end police brutality

This pertains to the alleged attack on a residential medical officer (RMO) from the Port Moresby General Hospital on Wednesday night.

Dr Newman Berry, an RMO at the Gynecology & Obstetrics Department, was attacked on his way home, where he sustained head and facial injuries.  

Members of NDA-POM/NCD branch met with their executives yesterday (June 5), where it was agreed that ample time be given for investigations and questions, among others, to be done by all parties concerned.

Doctor becomes victim of alleged police brutality

The medical fraternity in Port Moresby have come out expressing their frustration on social media over the way their colleague was treated.

Dr Newman Berry is an RMO at the Gynecology & Obstetrics Department based at POMGen.  He was attacked on his way home and sustained head and facial injuries.   

His colleague and a senior medical officer at the hospital, Dr Sam Yockopua said members of the National Doctors Association intend to meet on Monday to come up with an action plan.  They will be demanding an apology and the apprehension of the alleged perpetrators.    

Gordons police officers convicted for assault

Justice Panuel Mogish this week convicted George O’Conner and Benny Agu for the offence of causing grievous bodily harm to Kerry Auali on June 5, 2015 at Gordon’s Police Station’s back car park.

Auali worked with the Black Swan security firm at the time of the offense. On that day he went to the Lamana Development area to attend to a situation involving their guards and the public.

Some moments later Jackson Bray (state witness) drove into the same place.  Other policemen were also at the area.

Loop PNG's 5@5

Former cab driver to get K116,000

Tax payers’ money will once again be diverted to pay damages to a former Comfort taxi driver at the cost of K116, 745.30.



Explosion shakes downtown Port Moresby

Residents were taken by surprise when a bomb exploded this morning at Ela Beach, Port Moresby.

State to pay K190,000 to police brutality victims

Justice David Cannings in a matter of enforcement of basic rights under Section 57 of the Constitution ordered the State to pay Ikipe Wakalu, David Wale and Elawi Haroli K63,986 each.

This amount covers the individual’s breach of human rights, breach of constitutional rights, general damages and an additional interest of K16,782.

On July 20, 2010, Wakalu, Wale and Haroli were detained by villagers at Alua Kambe, Southern Highlands Province (then) on suspicions they were involved in a string of armed robberies on the Highlands  Highway at Tari Gap.

Polye calls for proper training of police officers

Polye said the police force is not properly trained and their training level is very low.

He highlighted that police officers need to understand human rights laws, the UN Convention on Human Rights issues and the constitution of this country.

Furthermore, police officers need to know the job that is expected of them and what it means to be a disciplined force, even in a very stressful situation.

He said police officers need to also understand what it means for them to apply reasonable force.

Man falls victim to police brutality

Mathias Tio came out to the media on Wednesday after been hospitalised and receiving 18 stitches to his wound caused by a tear gas explosion on New Year’s Eve.

The incident took place at Wildlife in Morata at around 9pm on Saturday, December 31.

Tio was out to buy some mosquito coils at the canteen on his street when the incident happened.

He described that the police vehicle was unmarked and without a license plate number.

Tio was hit with the tear gas thrown by the police officers to disperse the crowd sitting around.

Myanmar to investigate Rohingya beating video

The government said the incident, filmed by a police officer, happened in the restive Rakhine state in November.

There have been repeated allegations of abuses against the Muslim minority in Rakhine, with some saying the state's actions amount to ethnic cleansing.

Officials have previously said security forces are following the rule of law.

The state is closed to journalists and investigators, making it difficult to independently verify the allegations.

Man films 'police brutality', ends up helping

But what the incident captured instead wasn't the worst aspect of police brutality, but the best example of officers and citizens banding together.


The takedown

Plano, Texas, police Detective Jon Hoffman was sitting at a red light when he saw a man run out of a 7/11 carrying a plastic donation jar full of cash.

Hoffman, dressed in plain clothes but wearing his badge and gun, caught the man and pinned him to the hood of his car.

A struggle ensued and a crowd started gathering.

Police brutality just the tip – Kiap

While he does not condone actions  by some police officers, there are some very important issues that the government and other responsible authorities need to look at in terms of adequately addressing the issue of police brutality.

Kiap outlines that police have a lot to deal with in terms of their  attitudes and the type of homes that they come from.