PNG Fashion Week

Growth in fashion industry gives birth to modelling

This is evident over the few years where the fashion platforms are being set. 

Fashion show promotes culture

At least 200 people gathered at the Stanley Hotel and Suites for what was regarded as a celebration of fashion in PNG.

"The fashion industry, although still young and untapped, described as a sleeping giant, has the potential to meaningfully develop the local economy," Sios said.

Dr Michael Mel from the Jubilee Institute used the event as an example to stress on creativity and culture.

He said the night marked a special occasion to showcase creativity, innovation the Papua New Guinea way.

"This is taking PNG creativity to the next level," he said.

Participants suggest how to better industry

Ending the three-day workshop organised by PNG Fashion Week today, participants put together a few recommendations which they hope will attract assistance, particularly from the government.

The support so far has been overwhelming, according to director Janet Sios, but she says challenges still remain, especially in terms of funding and marketing platform.

Identifying these challenges, a participant, Erigere Singin, presented the concerns, suggestions and points raised.

New hotel predicted to steal the show

The event and the venue are both new kids in their respective blocks, and with as much interest expressed for PNGFW, many will use this opportunity to see the Stanley Hotel and Suites.

PNGFW director, Janet Sios, last week during a media conference even admitted this to the general manager, Geoff Haigh.

“We’ve spoken to a lot of people and they’re coming to this event because they’re interested to see your hotel.”

This may in fact be the first big local event to be staged in the new hotel.