PNG Electoral Commission

Electoral Commission needs support

Early this year, the national government made the decision and asked the Electoral Commission to administer the 2019 LLG elections in partnership with provincial administrations to pool resources, save money and promote provincial ownership of the process.

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato says though it is an exciting potential partnership, the dilemma is that the Commission has yet to conclude agreements with all the 20 different provincial administrations.

Electoral Commission stands firm on recount venue

Commissioner’s delegate Simon Sinai says this was due to financial commitments PNGEC had already made to service providers in Lae to facilitate the recount there.

“The Electoral Commission has already committed about half-a-million kina to service providers in Lae and it’s impossible to recoup the funds and divert them for a new recount venue.”

Sinai said Lae was selected as a neutral recount venue to avoid the escalating and ongoing law and order problems experienced in Simbu straight after the National Court decision ordering a recount on 27 November, 2018.

No laws to review provincial electorates

Deputy Electoral Commissioner, John Kalamoro, revealed this during the two day seminar on the review of the Organic Law on National and Local Level Government Elections and related laws.

This is one of the loopholes currently in the Organic Law which needs to be addressed by parliament.

Kalamora said while the Electoral Boundaries Commission (EBC) can make recommendations on the electorates to cater for any changes it must be part of a re-distribution review.

This was the process undertaken by the EBC and Parliament for the creation for Hela and Jiwaka.

PNGEC launches Corporate Plan

Minister Assisting the Prime Minister, William Samb, said this when officially launching The PNGEC Corporate Plan 2018 – 2022 today.

The five-year Corporate Plan aims to enhance the capacity of the PNG Electoral Commission to deliver high quality electoral services to the people.

Minister Samb commended the EC on the launch saying if fully implemented will address many issues witnessed during National General Elections.

VIDEO: PNGEC called on to settle bills

Speaking on behalf of the counting officials, Steven Wapi has urged the Electoral Commission to meet the cost.

And the President of Lie Valley LLG Jack Suol has also called on the Electoral Commissioner to transport the container containing the ballot boxes back to Mendi immediately because of security reasons.


PNGEC has money: Gamato

“Funds for allowances are parked in the bank, the responsibility now is for the returning officer to provide us with the names and account numbers,” Gamato said.

“Sometimes, on the eleventh hour, they change people’s names and bring in new people and they need to put the bank account (details) so we can transfer their allowances.    

“The issue of funds for allowances should not be the case now because as I am speaking, there is enough money to pay allowances.”

Foreigner suggested to run elections

One of such is the need to bring in a neutral person, like a foreigner or most possibly, the United Nations, to run the elections.

This suggestion was made by the sitting Governor Powes Parkop, who described rumours of unethical conduct by certified officials as disgusting.

“Nationals don’t seem to have the ability to deliver smooth, fair and peaceful elections. It’s about time we swallow our pride and allow the EC to be led by a neutral person – a foreigner,” he said.

Governor Parkop pointed to election practice in other countries such as Solomon Islands and Fiji.

Polling venues for Manus Province

Manus is the only province with one district - Lorengau. It however has two seats; the open and regional seats.

Polling in the province will commence on Saturday 24 June and will be carried out for 21 days till 3 July.

Manus has 160 polling venues covering its 12 Local Level Governments and 131 wards.  


Printing of candidate posters underway

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato told Loop PNG that the candidate posters for Momase, New Guinea Islands and Southern Regions are in print and Highlands Region will be printed soon after corrections are made. He said the delay is because of candidates’ photos.

The PNGEC candidate posters will be placed at the voting area for voters to identity their candidates and mark their preferences.   

Gamato said ballot papers are enough for the 111 Open and Provincial Seats, and the work of voter enrolment is complete.

​Unlisted candidates to run as independents

PNGEC media officer Alphonse Muapi said the law is very clear.

He also said a party can only endorse one candidate to run for an Open and Provincial seat in the 2017 National Election.

Muapi stated that PNGEC does not have control on posters printed by the candidates. However, the candidate poster to be printed by PNGEC will follow the legitimate party listing provided by individual party general secretaries.