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Council of Churches’ New Year message

Moving onto the New Year of 2020, Rev Joseph likened the New Year as the transition between the Exodus, moving out of captivity and moving into the Promised Land.   

“The very interesting point in this particular story is about Joshua and Caleb. These were the only two people from the generation that moved out of Egypt, who moved into the Promised Land. All the others who were involved in the Exodus never entered the Promised Land. Just two and that’s a very sad story. And as we look at moving into the New Year, I think the success stories are only for few,” he said.

Council of churches to offer strategies to Govt

Reweaving the Ecological Mat of Papua New Guinea is the theme of a one week conference hosted by the PNGCC at the Catholic Bishops Conference head office in Port Moresby this week. 

The churches have been holding a number of conferences around the country to develop sound and practical alternative strategies on environment conservation for Papua New Guinea and the Pacific.

General Secretary for PNGCC, Rev Roger Joseph, said the churches are engaging academics, politicians, civil society and church heads in coming together to discuss the framework for development.

Govt urged to clarify stance on Israel

This follows the former Foreign Affairs Minister’s voting against Israel on whether or not Jerusalem should be recognised as its capital.

Papua New Guinea was one of the 128 United Nations Member countries who voted to reject the United States’ move to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. A vote taken during an emergency meeting on 21 December 2017.

PNG was represented by former Foreign Affairs Minister, Rimbink Pato, whose decision did not go down well with many Christians.

No legislative framework for offshore mining: Churches

The PNG Council of Churches say: “Following the Madang Guidelines concluded in 1999, we call on the Government to ensure a separate policy and legislation is developed before offshore mining, including deep seabed mining activities, are commenced in the country.

“Government should also clarify to the Churches and people of PNG as to what consultation processes have been undertaken to develop relevant policy and legislation governing offshore mining.

Nationwide fundraising appeal launched

The main purpose of the appeal is in threefold and all proceeds raised from the fundraiser will be dedicated to the Anglicare Foundation, PNG Council of Churches administration and the Anglicare Mother’s Union Tri Annual Conference in Popondetta.

As part of the fundraiser appeal, Anglicare Foundation Chairman Bishop Denny Bray will walk the Kokoda Trek.

The Council of Churches and Anglicare Foundation are appealing for donations of K3 towards this cause.

Churches, Govt to tackle issues

The government is considering death penalty in response to this.

But it is still an area they will work closely with the churches to see through, says Minister for ICT and Energy, Sam Basil.

In an event with the PNG Council of Churches yesterday, Minister Basil touched on the need to include churches in addressing these issues.

The Archbishop of Port Moresby, Sir John Cardinal Ribat, said the churches are ready to confront this issue in a common effort.

Churches, Govt enter deal

This partnership was led yesterday by the Minister for IT, Communication and Energy, Sam Basil.

Basil said the idea is to reach the 1.5 million subscribers yet to be registered.

The Government will use the extensive network of the churches to fast track the registration process, with a due date set for April 30.

PNGCC comprises of seven mainline churches with over 6.3 million members nationwide and growing.

PNGCC also includes 15 associate members.

This provides a very extensive and effective network right down to the LLGs.

People reminded of duties as Christians

PNG Council of Churches (PNGCC) general secretary Rev. Roger Joseph said those actively participating in the Church have to be very careful of how they use their emotions as it leads to their decisions and actions. 

In quoting the bible, he said those that caused the Cross to happen were either religious leaders or followers of Jesus, making reference to Peter and Judas.

He added that Christians also have to be very careful in the way they use church money.

“Money can easily corrupt our minds and rob our integrity.

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Easter brings a turning point to our lives: Reverend

Easter brings a turning point to our lifestyles and mindsets, says the PNG Council of Churches General Secretary Rev. Roger Joseph.

Tarutia calls for universal coverage

Easter brings a turning point to our lives: Reverend

Rev. Joseph, in his Easter message said that while the object of focus is often on the rugged Cross at Easter, we must focus on the characters before, during and after the Cross.

Some of the characters are that of Peter, Judas, King Harod, Pilate, Simon of Cyrene and Joseph of Arimathea and the crowd.

Rev. Joseph said these characters contributed one way or the other to the Cross.

He explained that the Cross is where we see the love of Christ fully demonstrated, though without sin, giving up his life to save the world.