Peter O'Neill

Regionalism is not part of our team: O’Neill

He said this demonstrates the nation-wide appeal of the PNC-led Government and its policies.

O’Neill made the comments as more PNC Members are declared from each of the nation’s four regions.

"Our Government for the next Parliament will be nationwide and consultative, not focused on any single region,” he said.

"Regionalism and selfishness that comes from exclusion will never be a part of a PNC-led Government.

"PNC candidates are being elected in significant numbers around the country from island and costal through to highlands communities.

PM O'Neill disgusted by violence in Wabag

O’Neill said this election has been the most peaceful of recent decades and it will not be undermined by a disgruntled few.

"There is no excuse for the behaviour we have seen over the past two days, and those behind it will be brought to justice,” he said.

“Supporters and members of the disciplined forces must exercise restraint, and not be misled by disgruntled individuals.
“Those behind these activities must hang their head in shame.

Ialibu Pangia writs to be returned

Returning Officer Michael Ariando and member elect Peter O'Neill are expected to be at the PNGEC headquarters in Port Moresby.

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill was elected for his fourth Parliament term with a massive 48, 714 primary votes.

O'Neill is the party leader for ruling People's National Congress Party.

Media have already set up and waiting for the incumbent PM's arrival.

He was officially declared in Mendi on Saturday.


Picture source: Office of the Prime Minister

O’Neill declared!

This is O'Neill's fourth term to be elected as the MP for Ialibu-Pangia.

After count 115, O'Neill collected 48,714 votes.

Officially declaring him at around 12.30pm was Ialibu-Pangia Returning Officer Michael Ariando, in the presence of counting officials, scrutineers and supporters.

O'Neill has gone past the 50% +1 absolute majority, with a surplus of more than 17,000 votes.

More updates to come...

(During O’Neill’s declaration today in Mendi, SHP)


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O’Neill to be declared today

Southern Highlands Provincial Election Manager Philip Wakias confirmed it this morning.

Wakias told Loop PNG there will be no quality checks done as O'Neill's numbers have gone over the absolute majority.

He added that they will finish the remaining 29 ballot boxes today for Ialibu-Pangia before making a declaration.

Ialibu-Pangia has 117 ballot boxes.

Wakias said counting is progressing well despite minor hiccups with funding.

Loop PNG is on the ground in Mendi to witness the declaration of the Prime Minister.

People have right to vote: O'Neill

O’Neill made this appeal after casting his vote in his home village in Kauwo in Pangia, Southern Highlands District.

He said every Papua New Guinean must be given opportunity to participate meaningfully and actively in this elections.

"The Electoral Commission must do everything possible, for every citizen that wants to vote in this Election, to be able to do so by allowing 2012 and the new rolls to be used together to identify people voting.

O’Neill opens polling amid celebrations

People were singing and chanting in their traditional war cries as they brought their son and Prime Minister Peter O'Neill into the polling booth to cast his vote.

Being the first to cast his vote O'Neill officially open the polling booth.

In a media conference straight after casting his vote O'Neill thanked his people for their continuous support and committed to deliver more services.

He said although the polling was deferred for two days, he commended the people for their patience and support.

O’Neill to cast his vote today

The polling is set to begin after the church service.

Women and men openly shared tears of joy as the Prime Minister entered the village.

He took part praising and worshipping the Lord.

It is an unusual scene to see the PM sitting among his people and worshiping together.

Polling in Pangia was deferred from Friday to Saturday till today.

The delay was due to late arrival of the ballot boxes and quality checks done by polling officials.

More update on TVWAN News tonight.

Polling to begin in Pangia today

The polling was deferred from Friday to Saturday but then further deferred to today.

According to the Returning Officer Michael Ariando, they have to go through ballot papers and do quality checks before dispatching to polling venues.

As of Saturday afternoon, ballot boxes have been dispatched to various polling venues including Pangia.

Ariando is confident to complete all polling today.

Meanwhile, Jiwaka Province had also deferred their polling to Monday.

More updates to come.

PM O’Neill ends campaign at home province

This included a visit to the Yoko Koya Council Ward, where he opened the new Yoka-Uro elementary school.

“I am here in your village on this last day of campaigning, to open your new school, because expanding infrastructure is of great importance for our government,” O’Neill said.

“We must keep building schools in remote and rural areas, we must keep building better roads and bridges, and we must keep expanding health services.