Peter O'Neill

PM applauds PNG Mosquitoes

"The PNG Mozzies have made our nation proud with their solid performance to win the AFL International Cup against our friends from New Zealand,” PM O’Neill said in a statement.

"It was a tough match-up of two very good teams and it was very well done by our boys to maintain their focus and win the game.

“As back-to-back champions, you have a lot to be proud of, and each of you is an inspiration to the youths of our nation.

“The Mozzies have again made Papua New Guinea proud and carried our flag high for the world to see.

Namah served contempt documents

Before a scheduled media conference today, Namah was served the documents by Twivey Lawyers at his home in Port Moresby.

Namah said he will challenge the proceeding saying there is no case against him.

Just minutes after being served, Namah said the contempt proceeding was a delay tactic to deviate, deflect and downplay the main issue which were the alleged corrupt allegations against the Prime Minister.

PM’s arrest warrant stayed

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia granted the stay order this afternoon.

This means the arrest warrant that was issued by the Waigani District Court, on 12 June 2014, cannot be effected by police on the Prime Minister until the court determines the appeal.

PM O’Neill’s lawyers filed the appeal in the Supreme Court yesterday to challenge the decision of the National Court, which dismissed the judicial review former Police Commissioner Geoffrey Vaki filed in 2014.

Baki to invite PM in for questioning

Commissioner Baki said he has engaged the Assistant Commissioner for Crimes, Victor Isouve, and the fraud director and his team to assist him.

In a media conference this morning, Baki said the option now is for himself, as the commissioner for Police, to invite the Prime Minister for questioning.

He adds that it is not a requirement by law but an existing and established protocol the Constabulary has engaged over the years for leaders and high profile people.

Court: Serve Chief Magistrate documents

Lawyers representing Prime Minister Peter O’Neill filed an urgent application yesterday morning, to ask the Supreme Court to stay the dismissal of the National Court review, pending the appeal.

They went before Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia this morning after directions were issued yesterday for court documents to be served on the Solicitor General and the state, including the Chief Magistrate.

Baki urged to enforce warrant

In a media conference yesterday, Namah said the entire country is now watching Baki after the National Court decision that dismissed a judicial review of the arrest warrant.

“The entire country is now watching you. You are duty bound as the Police Commissioner to enforce the laws of this country.”

Namah has also called on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to respect the decision of the court and to go in for questioning.

He said O’Neill had a constitutional duty to the people of PNG to do so.

PM will appeal court decision

“Due to various inconsistencies with previous rulings and established precedents, we are disappointed with the decision that was handed down and will exercise our legal right of appeal to a higher court,” the Prime Minister said.

“We will continue to challenge these issues because the initial complaint was politically motivated and has serious implications for the transparency of legal process in our country.

“This matter was initiated by Belden Namah and pursued by Don Polye through their complaint for purely political gains.

PM confident in new ministers

A total of 25 ministers were sworn-in by the Governor General Sir Bob Dadae today at the Government House in Port Moresby.

“There’s a good wealth of experience and young talent leaders who have come in to save our country in the next few years.

“I know that they will give it their best of ability to serve the nation and the people and today is the beginning of that.”

O’Neill said the first cabinet meeting will be held tomorrow to begin the work that is ahead of them to meet the aspirations of the people and the country.

Lawyers to seek stay on PM’s arrest

This was made known in court today after the National Court dismissed the case challenging the legality of the arrest warrant that was taken out against the Prime Minister in June 2014.

With the dismissal of the judicial review case and dismissal of the stay orders preventing the arrest, it now means that police can execute that arrest on the PM.

Director of the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate, Matthew Damaru, said the onus is now on Police Commissioner Gari Baki to act on the warrant.

Legality of PM’s arrest warrant not reviewable

Justice Collin Makail today said the subject of the case, the arrest warrant, was not reviewable and was an abuse of the court process.

In dismissing the judicial review, he said the criminal process and procedures should not be stopped by a civil court or proceeding.

He said the criminal process is about fairness and must ensure it is heard in a reasonable time and no miscarriage of justice.