Peter O'Neill

2018 budget based on commonsense: PM

“When we formed the Government in Alotau, we promised to deliver stable and sensible administration, and you can see that commitment evident in this budget,” the Prime Minister said ahead of the tabling of the budget by the Treasurer in Parliament this week.

“In this budget there will be no cuts to our core national priorities, particularly education and healthcare.

“We will deliver a productive and safe APEC summit in 2018 through modest expenditure that builds capacity and leaves legacy in our Government agencies.

LOs want PM to deliver on promise

During the 2017 National Election campaign trail, O’Neill announced in Tari that the Government will transfer the 25 percent of Kroton shares (4.2 percent), worth K3.5 billion, to landowners from Hela, Southern Highlands, Western, Gulf and Central provinces.

At the time, O’Neill said this was in line with the spirit of transferring 17.4 percent of Bougainville Copper Limited shares to the people of Bougainville and the 33 percent ownership of Ok Tedi to the Western Province mine affected landowners.

VIDEO: PM on Kramer

He made the call after he was asked by Kramer to give evidence of corrupt dealings by leaders.


Freddy Mou with more


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VIDEO: Hides Security update

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill told this newsroom that the number of security forces will increase in the next few days.

His response came after Shadow Minister for Democratic Institutions and the Rule of Law Kerenga Kua released a statement claiming that O'Neill must be blamed for the lawlessness behavior happening in Southern Highlands and Hela Provinces.

Kua claimed that regular incidents of violence and lawlessness are taking place in these two provinces, without the lack of government supervised interventions.

PM outraged over child’s abuse

PM Peter O’Neill said police had been dispatched to investigate the abuse, and any individual who tries to impede the lawful investigation will be arrested.

He stresses such attacks cannot be tolerated and the abusers must be exposed, and this requires leadership from community elders.

“Let’s be clear, sanguma beliefs are absolute rubbish,” the Prime Minister said.

“In the modern day, sanguma is not a real cultural practice, it is a false belief and involves the violent abuse and torture of women and girls by pathetic and perverted individuals.

Kumuls have our respect: PM

"It was a solid game against England,” says Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

“Our team played hard, and they can now learn from the experience and look towards the next World Cup.”

The PM says regardless of the result in Melbourne, outstanding games have been played by the Kumuls in this World Cup tournament.

"They have again united the nation as we watched the games, and we have all been impressed,” continues O’Neill.

PM highlights importance of digital economy

He said APEC economies continue to make progress in expanding the use of these platforms by people around the region.

“Today we live in a digital world and the continued use of technology in our economies is growing by the day.

Papua New Guinea will continue to build on our technology uptake.

“This will ensure that our communities, particularly in remote locations, can use new technologies to participate in the economy, and for the delivery social services and education.

“I am very pleased to see many of our young people adapting to new technology.

PM applauds Kumuls

Having attended their two matches so far, he said: “It was great to see mums and dads, together with their children attending the two games against Wales and Ireland and supporting the PNG LNG Kumuls.”

O’Neill, who is also the Minister for Sports, continued: “These are proud moments for us as a country of thousand tribes, but united by one common theme - rugby league.”

He urged all PNG Kumuls supporters attending the final match against the United States to turn up in red, black and gold - the PNG colours; and send the Kumuls off to Melbourne on a high.

APEC will create job opportunities: PM

In a media conference on Friday in Da Nang city, Vietnam, O’Neill stressed on the importance of economic inclusion as a key element of expanding global trade so that smaller countries and their communities are not disadvantaged.

He said increasing access to modern technology platforms will be an important policy issue discussed by APEC leaders.

Meanwhile, the O’Neill-Abel Cabinet is likely to formally announce the theme and the logo of APEC PNG 2018 in the next parliament session.

VIDEO: Crackdown on Foreign Biz

The VIDEO shows the PM talking about locals are becoming poorer collecting rental payments while the foreigners are earning more.


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