Peter O'Neill

Opposition labelled Gov’t as ‘blaming gov’t’

Speaking to reporters in a media conference today in Port Moresby, Polye says the government has been blaming the past governments, leaders, public servants and citizens of this country without having a solution for that particular issue.

He was responding to the latest media statement from the Education Minister who had claimed that more than K50 million have been lost in the education system.

“The government knows nothing about providing solutions to prolonged challenges and corruptions.

ABAC representation announced

Papua New Guinea’s ABAC group will now be comprised of:

- Mr. David Toua

General Manager Corporate Affairs, Steamships Trading Company

- Mr. Isikeli Taureka

Executive Vice President PNG, InterOil Limited

- Mr. Kostas G. Constantinou

Managing Director, Lamana Development Limited

In announcing the new lineup the Prime Minister said membership in the group will be rotated to ensure a fresh injection of perspectives and a broadening of business networking.