Peter O'Neill

Students refuse to give Tabar their petition

“We will only give this petition to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill,” UPNG president Kenneth Rapa said this afternoon in front of more than 5,000 students.

The students had waited for the Prime Minister since 10am this morning at the UPNG Forum Square, Waigani campus.

Around 3pm, the ministers convoyed with police escorts to the campus. Accompanying Tabar was Petroleum Minister Ben Micah, Finance Minister James Marape, Works and Implementation Minister Francis Awesa, chief secretary Isaac Lupari and OHE director general Professor David Kavanamur.

PM Condemns Reckless Litigation by now-former MP Polye

PM O’Neill said the application brought by the now-suspended Member of Parliament and Opposition Leader should never have been brought forward in the first place.

“I welcome the ruling handed down by the Supreme Court that proves that the UBS Loan was obtained within the laws of country,” the Prime Minister said.

“The State took on the loan so that our people could have a healthy investment in our resources sector.

“This was a sound decision, made with full legal consultation, and should never have been the subject of such malicious litigation.

Former PM reiterates call on O’Neill to step down

Sir Mekere in a statement said O’Neill should allow the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate to take up his challenge to find whether there is evidence or not that he (O’Neill) benefitted financially from the Paraka scandal.

“He should also allow them to continue their wider investigation into all aspects of the case, and he should assist their enquiries by presenting himself to Director Matthew Damaru and his colleagues for questioning.

PM O’Neill to accompany late Agiru’s body to Hela

Finance Minister and Tari-Pori MP James Marape revealed this when conveying his condolences to the family of Hela Governor late Anderson Pawa Agiru.

Late Agiru passed away on Thursday morning after succumbing to a heart attack. 

In a statement Marape stated: “I have been with Late Agiru since 1991 when he first contested for the Southern Highlands by election and today to see his demise leaves me and his people profound sadness.

“Hela is in mourning and I request our people to be in peace, harmony and unity as we mourn the loss of the Leader of Hela people.

Grand Chief maintains stand on O’Neill’s removal

“I have made my call for Mr O’Neill to submit to the law and appropriate authorities and I stand by my statement.

Sir Michael said, “Instead of deflecting attention away from the issue at hand, I once again appeal to O’Neill to surrender to the law.”

“As former prime ministers, it is incumbent upon both Sir Mekere Morauta and I to request your cooperation to show there is one law for everybody.

“Surrounding yourself with heavily armed guards to avoid the service of warrants of arrests is inappropriate and deeming to the Office of the Prime Minister,” he said.

More borrowing is not the right answer: Sir Mekere

In a statement, Sir Mekere said he was surprised the IFC would even consider such a loan.

“The Prime Minister cannot borrow his way out of the problems he has created.

“The budgetary and financial problems the country is facing will not be cured by band-aids such as this. In fact it will only make matters worse.”

He said O’Neill’s justification for the loan is a lack of foreign exchange, which is crippling business and commerce and leading to increased hardship for ordinary Papua New Guineans such as job losses, rising prices and a collapse in service delivery.

Sir Michael Somare urges MPs to protest against O’Neill

He urged the MPs to represent the interest of their electorates and the true intent of the Constitution.

Sir Michael said: “People of Papua New Guinea must not tolerate elected leaders who are condoning the actions of Peter O’Neill regime by remaining silent. Silence means acceptance of the glaring abuses of processes that are taking place around us.

“Before long our institutions will be completely useless because elected leaders have neglected their duties to stand up against the current manipulations by leaders holding high offices.

Grand Chief Somare calls on O’Neill to step down

“I thus call on Peter O’Neill to respect the Office of the Prime Minister and surrender to police and appropriate authorities so they can carry out their duties without obstruction and interference.

“Calling members of the Royal PNG Constabulary vigilantes is intolerable when officers of the law are merely carrying out their Constitutional duties.

“No person including myself is above the law,” he said.

Polye calls on O’Neill to step down

Speaking at a media conference in Port Moresby, Polye said O’Neill is demeaning the Office of the Prime Minister by not enabling the court to determine whether he is innocent or guilty of charges against him.

“He uses every means – almost incessant pleading – before the court and hires very expensive lawyers at the expense of the state.

“Court hearings are an opportunity for those accused to show they are innocent. They are an opportunity for the prosecution to show the accused guilty.

Sir Mekere calls on PM O'Neill to step down

“Mr O’Neill knows well that the Office of the Prime Minister is not a personal possession,” he said.

“It is a Constitutional office, the highest in the land, and it belongs to the people and the State. It does not belong to Peter O’Neill.

“It is there to serve the people and the nation; it is not there to serve the interests of the incumbent.

“In particular its power should not be used as a weapon to protect the incumbent from due process, or to cause due process to be thwarted.