Peter O'Neill

Time to work for the people

“We have to work together,” said Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, who was recently in New Ireland Province for the opening of their two government buildings.

“We cannot continue to play politics for five years.

“Our people demand our attention. They demand our leadership.”

The PM urged all leaders, regardless of their political parties, to stand united.

Aftershock experience continues

The Prime Minister,  Peter O’Neill, told the delegates at the Petroleum and Energy Summit today in Port Moresby that the Government and donor partners are doing all they can to cater for the people during the disaster.

PM O’Neill said the country was about to get favourable revenue income from the PNG LNG Project as the price of oil and gas is at an improvement stages but was denied after the 7.5 magnitude earthquake.

He said the impact of the disaster on the local communities is devastating but thanked the donor partners for their quick response.

‘The earth started to shift and shake violently’

This was the traumatising experience of Marlian, a mother-of-three, following the recent 7.5 earthquake. 

“I ran outside pulling my children by the hands and then I saw my house just ‘fly away’.

“We lost everything. Our house is gone, our gardens are gone and the water has turned red so we cannot drink it or wash in it.

“We are sleeping in the bush without any cover.

Stop vandalizing: PM

O’Neill made these remarks after getting reports that Digicel towers were being vandalized.

“I’m appealing to our people that this is a time for us to work together for the immediate needs of our people,” appealed the PM.

“These kind of actions do not help anyone.

“Let us try and restore communication as it is vital and would save lives. We may need to send help to send food supply and medical supply to these areas.”  

O’Neill also added that the Government had also dealt with some landowner issues along some of the road slips.

State of Emergency declared

The National Executive Council has further approved K450 million for relief operations and to restore services, as well as the formation of an emergency disaster restoration team and the establishment of a restoration authority.

"This is an unprecedented disaster in the Highlands Region and the appropriate response is underway by the National Government,” the Prime Minister said.

PNGDF ordered to respond to quake

"Defence Force personnel in Hela, Southern Highlands and Western Highlands provinces are preparing to deploy when the extent of the damage has been confirmed and targeted relief operations initiated,” stated the PM in a statement.

"There are communities that have suffered from this natural disaster, and we are sending our soldiers and other Government agencies to support our people in their time of need.

"We know that there have been houses lost, roads cut by land slips and a disruption to services.

Partial or non-payment, let them enrol: PM

PM Peter O'Neill told parliament yesterday following questions by Wabag MP Dr Lino Tom.

Parliament was informed that institutions like the University of Papua New Guinea started turning students away during registration last week.

“If you look at the school fee structure, I think it is discriminatory of students whose parents are not so well off to afford to save enough money in one year, to send their children to school the following year,” the MP said.

Namah difficult to serve: Lawyer

Jerome Sioni of Twivey Lawyers today informed the Supreme Court they have had unsuccessful attempts to effect personal service on Namah since December last year.

Four other opposition MPs; Bryan Kramer, Sir Mekere Morauta, Patrick Pruaitch and Kerenga Kua, have been served.

Sioni asked the court for another 14 days to have the court documents served on Namah.

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia allowed the 14-day adjournment. The case is to return to court on February 19.

In this motion, Prime Minister O’Neill is asking the court to charge the MPs for contempt.

Churches to meet with PM

The Moderator of United Church, Lutheran Bishop, Archbishop of Anglican and Archbishop of Port Moresby Diocese Cardinal Sir John Ribat will be part of the delegation.

The Churches will outline matters of national concern including Sorcery, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexuality and Transgender and Abortion will be brought to the table.  

Churches say it's time they are given an equal and fair platform and the meeting with the Prime Minister is a timely approach to address these issues.

O’Neill calls for unity

Speaking to the Provincial Assembly Members today, during the PEC swearing in ceremony in Mendi, O'Neill said other provinces in the country have developed in terms of services unlike Southern Highlands.

"Southern Highlands Province is always prone in law and order issues during election periods.

"How many times will we change from our ways and allow proper procedures to take its toll."

He condemned an incident an incident that took place some months which resulted in many properties destroyed.