Peter O'Neill

PM calls on health workers to step up

He said health workers have enough training and knowledge but their commitment to work is very poor.

O’Neill added that only a few were working in challenging long hours to try and fill in the gap and serve our people especially in remote areas.

He also called on the medical board to review their structures and allow the government to bring in overseas doctors who are willing to serve the rural people.

“This is not to undermine the qualifications of our health workers but to try and bring health services to our remote areas,” he said.

O’Neill welcomes Polye back

O’Neill during a radio talk-back in Port Moresby said the Government needed experienced politician like Polye to give advice and bring development into the country.

He said he would enjoy working with Polye as they have no personnel issues or whatsoever.

“He’s an experienced politician who is serving his third term as an MP and we need such people when debating on policies and issues in the floor of parliament.”

Polye’s 2012 election victory was set aside after the national court ruled in favour of his runner up and petitioner Alfred Manaseh.

PNG in midst of deepening economic and financial crisis, says Sir Mekere

“Only by the Prime Minister acknowledging the nature and scale of the problem, and sharing it with Papua New Guineans, can we find solutions to fight the problem, hand in hand.

Ball rolling on Bougainville referendum

The date has been agreed on in a breakthrough meeting between the PNG central government and Bougainville's regional government co-chaired by PNG prime minister Peter O'Neill and Bougainville president John Momis.

Under the terms of the Bougainville Peace Agreement, a referendum must be conducted in Bougainville before mid-2020.

President Momis said that although the date could not yet be finalised, due to various legal steps required to be taken first, it would be impossible to plan the referendum without a target date.

O’Neill welcomes Oil firms deal

He said the deal will deliver tangible benefits for Papua New Guinea.

O’Neill also highlighted the benefit of the execution of a MoU between Oil Search and Total for a back-to-back sale of Oil Search’s interest acquired to Total following the completion of the InterOil acquisition.

“This acquisition will provide cost savings and efficiencies for our nation’s greatest growth opportunities, which will directly benefit the people of Papua New Guinea,” he said.

No end in sight for student boycotts

Peter O'Neill has not acceded to the demands of students at the University of PNG, who are calling on him to resign over a major fraud case he is implicated in.

Police fraud squad officers had secured an arrest warrant for Mr O'Neill over the matter two years ago, but his lawyers have launched a series of challenges which are yet to be finalised in court.

A spokesperson for the university's student representative council, Gerald Tulu Manu-Peni, said the students were pondering their next move, which could include a mass withdrawal from courses.

Hela and SHP MPs promise to deliver projects initiated by late Agiru

Loop PNG’s Political and Business Editor FREDDY MOU reports on events after his death at the PIH.  This is part three of a four-part series.

In a collective statement, the MPs expressed their desire to see the projects and commitments of the Late Governor to be continued and properly funded by the Government.

They highlighted that many of these projects are ongoing and the Government has already started implementing these for completion in Hela and the Southern Highlands.

Namah calls for PNG to remove PM

In 2014, the then opposition leader Belden Namah challenged the deal between Australia and PNG to open the Manus centre for offshore processing of asylum seekers who had tried to reach Australia.

PNG's Supreme Court last month ruled that the Manus arrangement was illegal.

Belden Namah said the ruling nearly three weeks ago showed that Mr O'Neill attempted to vandalise and compromise PNG's constitution to serve the policy interests of a foreign government.

O’Neill calls for normalcy in university campuses

O’Neill said he has the greatest respect for the students, their rights and all the academic institutions in the country.

In a statement, O’Neill said his government, when it came into office in 2011, committed to invest in education for the children because investments in quality education, and giving every child an education, is vital for the economic health, prosperity and unity of the country.

“To date, this government is investing billions of kina in upgrading and building new educational infrastructure everywhere in the country.

PM calls on students to think before acting

“They will not be there for you when you are in trouble.

“Take it from me. I was a victim of outside influence when I was a student at the UPNG.

“I was involved in student protests and strike because people told us that we, students, were the protector of the rule of law and representative of the silent majority.

“When I was in trouble, no one came to rescue me. All the friends and people who influenced me were never there when I needed them.