Peter O'Neill

Flights will be disrupted if PM disregards ultimatum

The ultimatum will end on Tuesday (tomorrow) midnight.

Aviation Industry spokesperson Captain James Makop told Loop PNG in an exclusive interview this morning that the call was basically for O’Neill to resign and allow the police to investigate him regarding some serious allegations against him.

“Basically our concern was what we see as deliberate suppression of the rule of law by the Prime Minister,” he said.

O’Neill signs agreements with Chinese President Xi Jinping

The Prime Minister said President Xi wants to see a strengthening of PNG’s industrial and manufacturing sector, and to increase exports from the country into China.

President Xi also wants to encourage more tourists from China into Papua New Guinea to see the amazing landscape and the people and to do that he said that China would work with the PNG’s tourism sector to lay the groundwork for Chinese tourist and promote the country.

Decision on vote of no-confidence next week

Submissions were made by parties in court yesterday on the Opposition application challenging the conduct of parliament when it adjourned to August 2 without considering the Vote of no-confidence motion after it was filed on the speaker’s office on June 7.

Opposition Leader Don Polye’s lawyer Marshall Cook told the court the motion for no confidence vote against the Prime Minister that was filed on June 7 was signed by more than 11 MPs.

PM: Govt in talks to save UPNG academic year

The Prime Minister said it is the decision of the UPNG Council, which the Government could not interfere with but it is doing all it can to ensure the academic year is saved so students can continue on with their studies.

“Government officials are now negotiating with the UPNG Council to find an amicable way to save the academic year and if it means schooling until December, we will do everything possible for the students to continue,” said O’Neill.

He said that education is the top priority of the government and it cannot see it being jeopardised.

Date set for constitutional challenge on PNGSDP matters

Sir Mekere is seeking standing to bring the challenge as a private citizen – former Prime Minister and senior public servant, businessman, economist, chairman of PNGSDP and former chairman of OTML.

He announced in January 2016 that he had begun new legal proceedings seeking to have the Mining (Ok Tedi Tenth Supplemental Agreement) Act 2013 declared unconstitutional and invalid.

Should the Court declare that Sir Mekere has standing, a full trial of the substantive issues will follow.

Do not report gossip: PM O’Neill

O’Neill was responding to Radio New Zealand International (RNZI) which reported that Papua New Guinea's government officers were visiting international financial hubs this week hoping to raise money on the offshore bond market.

Radio New Zealand reported that the Governor of PNG's Central Bank, Loi Bakani, along with the Secretary of the Department of Treasury, Dairi Vele, are scheduled to give presentations in London tomorrow, before heading to Boston and New York.

O’Neill brushes aside Sir Mekere’s claims

He said the Central Bank operates as an independent entity and the Government has no dealings with its roles

Sir Mekere in a statement claimed that the O’Neill Government’s political interference in the Bank of Papua New Guinea is threatening the stability of the nation’s financial system and state finances, and increasing risks for bank depositors and investors in financial institutions.

Government to maintain major policies: O'Neill

He said major policies on education, health, infrastructure, law and order and economic development undertaken by the present Government are driving the nation forward. 

O’Neill added that Free Education being the top priority has enabled thousands of children to enrol in schools as ever experienced before and has relieved school fee burdens many parents have faced.

“Every children in this country deserves a better education to make a sound living in the future and it is this Government that is making it happen."

Sir Michael condemns actions of police at UPNG

Sir Michael in a statement said: "It is inexcusable that unarmed students are fired upon by police as they prepare to peacefully march on to Parliament.

"We need to establish who gave the orders for policemen to inflict harm on unarmed students. What warranted police to surround the campus in the first instance?

“Is the University safeguarding the interest of our young people?

"I call on police to stand down in the interest of the public, you are not there to protect the interest of individual politicians.”

PM to set up Commission of Inquiry into students’ issue

He said points have been made in a democratic way and points have been answered but yet some people  do not  want to accept the answers.

O’Neill was responding to Northern Governor Garry Juffa on naming the leaders who the government claimed to be backing the students with their protest.

He said the matter has now a police matter so the police will deal with it and carry out their investigations.

“We will set up a Commission of Inquiry to establish what is going on at the University of Papua New Guinea,” he said.