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Drunkards behind PNC rally disruption: PPC

Eastern Highlands Provincial Police Commander, Alex N’Drasal, confirmed that the incident was caused by a minority of people, who were chased by those attending the rally.

A stone throwing fight soon broke out but police intervened.

Prime Minister and PNC Party leader, Peter O’Neill, was on ground to show support for his PNC party candidates in EHP on Tuesday.  

O’Neill told Loop PNG that disturbance was caused by a few people under the influence of alcohol.

“People sat down and listened for over 45 minutes of my speech,” said the PM.

VIDEO: Prime Minister in Boku

He was accompanying fellow PNC candidate and incumbent Rigo MP, Ano Pala on his campaign rally.


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PM O’Neill highlights transparency in Budget allocation

Speaking before a large crowd in Popondetta, Oro Province, with PNC candidates Delilah Gore for Sohe Open, David Arore for Oro Regional and Sheldon Deilala for Ijivitari Open, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, called for honesty in the opposition.

“Elections are not a time to play politics, elections are a time to stand up and tell the people what you would deliver for our country,” O’Neill said.

“The budget allocation is very straight forward and people need to understand the facts.

“This year our budget is 13 billion Kina.

​PM visits Manus

Pomat is contesting the Manus Open seat while Benjamin is running to retain his seat as Manus governor.

The Prime Minister was received at Momote airport by Governor Benjamin, Manus Provincial Administrator Andrew Posong, PPC Manus Chief Inspector David Yapu and other senior officers of Manus Provincial Administration, Heads of National Government Agencies, Provincial Executive members and other Community Leaders.  

PPC Yapu said the joint Security Forces provided a full escort for PM O’Neill to the NBC beach at Lorengau town.

1,320 candidates for Highlands region

Among them were 49 females.

Eight hundred and eighteen of these candidates are contesting as independent while 502 were affiliated to a party.

Eastern Highlands Province tops the list of candidates contesting with 396, followed by Chimbu (320), Enga (162), Jiwaka (136), Southern Highlands (117), Western Highlands (117) and Hela (92).

The lowest number of candidates contesting is from Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s electorate.

It has only 10 candidates putting their hand up to challenge the Prime Minister and leader of the People’s National Congress party.

​Disruption of PNC rally speaks volumes: Polye

Polye said the disruption at the PNC rally for EHP Governor Julie Soso speaks volumes.  

He challenged Prime Minister Peter O’Neill not to water down people’s anger.

“It is only a representation of common public resentment our people have had against him and his government,” said Polye.

“Their resentment will be translated into votes."

Meanwhile, PM O’Neill told Loop PNG that the disturbance was caused by a few people under the influence of alcohol.

“People sat down and listened for over 45 minutes of my speech.

​Police break up rowdy crowd at PNC rally

Reports from Goroka stated that local police had to intervene and use force in a campaign rally yesterday (Tuesday) after the crowd became disruptive while the prime minster was speaking.   

The rally was for PNC candidate and Governor Julie Soso.       

PM Peter O’Neill told Loop PNG that disturbance was caused by a few people under the influence of alcohol.

“People sat down and listened for over 45 minutes of my speech,” said the PM.

“Police present were the only ones allocated to PM’s office.

VIDEO: PM in Kandep

He was greeted by a sea of PNC red as thousands of supporters attended a campaign rally in Kandep recently.


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Sir Nagora calls on PM to admit cash flow crisis

He said this will only set him and his ruling party and the government free so we can proactively find solutions to rescue our country from the deep pit of soaring debts.

Sir Nagora said he is heartened by the fact that tax has emerged as one of many topical campaign issues in the forthcoming elections.

He said the decency of truth about the gross mismanagement of the economy hurts and this has provoked the direct attack against him from the PM.

He made reference specifically to O’Neill’s spurious assertion about GST in The National newspaper recently.

No child should be denied education: PM

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill made the point when visiting Ialibu in Southern Highlands on Sunday, which was where he attended high school.

“I have personal experience of how hard life is for families when education is not free,” the Prime Minister said to a large gathering in Ialibu.

“I went to school here in Ialibu, and I know how difficult it was for my mother to find money for school.