Peter Numu

Governor calls for probe into EHP funds

Peter Numu made this call after the recent arrest of a businessman in Goroka who allegedly misappropriated funds intended for a coffee project.

“What concerns me now is the alarming amount of money not reaching my people of Kainantu since 2012.

“Who gets it is not my concern, but why people are not benefiting from what is rightfully theirs is a great concern to my Government of Eastern Highlands Province.”

It is alleged that K5.9 million was misappropriated by a businessman intended for a coffee project in Kainantu.

ESP Governor applauds Numu

Bird applauded Eastern Highlands Governor, Peter Numu, for showing exceptional maturity.

“For the last 18 months, I usually talk about the struggles that we face in the provinces,” stated Bird.

“We have three levels of government that are constitutionally anchored and within those structures, we are supposed to run our country.”

However, Governor Bird and other members of the Opposition, including Numu, said these structures are not respected.

EHP Governor crosses to Opposition

Numu made the move after he did not get a favourable response from Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer, Charles Abel, regarding coffee farmers in his province.

In a media conference, the Opposition members welcomed Governor Numu and made a bold statement that many more are joining them.

Governor Numu said his move is for the good of his people and not for his own personal gain.

“I have been observing what has been going on with the current Government and cannot just sit there but will make a move.

“My move to the Opposition was for the good of my people.

K18m Goroka market redevelopment

The contract was signed on November 15th at Government House between Secretary for Works and Implementation, David Wereh, and China Hu Wei representatives.

Eastern Highlands Governor Peter Numu said the redeveloped market will be a gift to the people and especially mothers of East Highlands Province, who have had to put up with the market’s current status over the years.

“This market is for the good of our simple people. Not for us the politicians and business people. It’s a gift to our mothers and our people back in the province.

EHP Governor raises concern on police transfer

He said PSC Peter Yaware has been doing a fine job at Kainantu and the province as a whole and his transfer is suspicious.

Governor Numu said Mr Yaware has been in the forefront of investigating a huge corruption surrounding the payment of K7.5m paid to Konka Coffee Development Agency by the National Planning.

He said the payment had been done in 2012 for coffee rehabilitation in Kainantu but nothing to show for on how the funds are being used.

EHP Governor gets tough on illegal claims

Numu said most of these proposals request for funds to build fish farming, road maintenance, poultry and piggery by few individuals without proper documentation and authorization.

In his endeavor to clean up Eastern Highlands Province and the desire to build a fiscally responsible environment in the province, Governor Numu said past indications revealed that funds released this way have no fruition of the work accomplished, and only few benefit from it.

Businesses in Goroka to be investigated

Eastern Highlands Governor Peter Numu says he has already discussed with relevant authorities and has come up with an investigation team to look into issues faced by locals. This includes investigating salaries.

In an effort to weed out corruption in Eastern Highland Province, the Governor said it’s about time the Government does the right thing and fight for what rightfully belongs to its people.

He said many companies are operating illegally in the province and have used local people as cheap labour.

EHP Governor clarifies looting spree claims

In a media conference today, Governor Peter Numu clarified that it was not a looting spree as claimed but an agreement between the shop manager and himself.

“I am not that stupid to tell people to just go in and get good at their own will.

“I have an agreement with the shop manager and we agreed for the people to get goods worth K5,000.”

He said these were just mere allegations to tarnish his name and reputation.

“When we went into elections, all of the candidates go against me and this is one of their tactics in spoiling my name,” says Governor Numu.

Police claim governor’s involvement in looting

This follows an estimated K1 million in damages at one of the province’s largest supermarkets.

The Bintangor Supermarket, which is owned by Simon Sia, who is also the election petitioner against the young leader, was ransacked last Thursday by looters and opportunists.

According to police, the young leader was involved.

It was reported that around 4pm, the Governor entered the supermarket on Thursday, heavily escorted by outside police officers.

He allegedly gave directives for shoppers to get a rice bag each, which added up to K5,000.

EHP Governor sets out intentions

All eight MPs were sworn in by the Provincal Senior Magistrate.

The Governor, Peter Numu took his oath first.

In his maiden speech said he was ready to take on from where former governor Julie Soso had left off.

He told public servants there was no time waste – and urged them to pull up their socks.

Governor Numu said his first task is to build and improve the Goroka Market and town water supply and the Gorka town sewerage project; revive the town beautification program, and address public servants’ housing concerns.