Patrick Pruaitch

Rural electrification a must: MP

This is because the rural people are the backbone of the agriculture industry in Papua New Guinea.

Leader of the Opposition and Member for Aitape-Lumi, Patrick Pruaitch, said this at the launching of the K5 million rural electrification program for the villages surrounding Aitape after a long delay over landowner issues.

The project was initiated in 2009 for the surrounding villages of Aitape; from Taji airstrip on the East Coast of Aitape to Raiyu village and into Aitape town and further up to the West Coast of Aitape to the villages of Yakoi and Tepir.

Pruaitch is Alternate PM nominee

Tari-Pori MP, James Marape, made the official announcement before this afternoon’s Parliament sitting.

Marape said Pruaitch has the full backing of the alternative camp and congratulated him.

Pruaitch expressed gratitude to the 67 members in the Laguna Camp for having the confidence in him.

He said he is humbled by the nomination.

Pruaitch said the Alternative Government will look at serious national issues and they are ready to move forward with the people of the country.

Secret ballot to nominate alternative PM

Leader Patrick Pruaitch said a secret ballot among the team of opposition MPs is an ideal way to select a consensus leader as their alternate Prime Minister. 

“Many Papua New Guineans are praying that the new coalition of like-minded leaders and political parties will forge a socio-political course that brings hope and new opportunities, including improved living conditions for the PNG people. 

Marape: Collective decision not to include two MPs

When clearing the air on the arrival and refusal to include two more MPs yesterday, Marape said the team collectively decided to shut the gate at 12 noon.

“We respectfully refused one or two personal friends, for me I refused one personal friend whose a member of parliament who came in and I had to respect these two leaders here,” he said.

“It is no more about James Marape, it is no more about William Duma, it is no more about Patrick Pruaitch. It is about the team of likeminded leaders on this side of the house.

Oposisen rausim Vot i Nogat Bilip

Pruaitch  i bin sindaun wantaim ol memba bilong oposisen kem, long taim em  i givim toksave  i go long Klak bilong Palamen long rausim dispela mosen.

Long wankain taim, Tari-Pori MP James Marape,  i rausim bek nominesen bilong em i long kamap Praim Minista.

Long wanpela nius konprens asde, Patrick Pruaitch wantaim James Marape wantaim tu ol arapela memba bilong oposisen kem i tokim ol midia long tokaut long disisen bilong ol long kisim bek mosen bilong Vot I No Gat Bilip long Praim Minista.

Back to the drawing board

Flanked by members of the alternative government camp, Pruaitch said he has informed the Clerk of Parliament to withdraw the motion.

Tari-Pori MP James Marape has also withdrawn his nomination as alternative Prime Minister.

In a media conference yesterday, Pruaitch and Marape along with several members of the alternative government camp fronted the media to announce the decision to withdraw the motion for a Vote of No Confidence against the Prime Minister.

VoNC motion yet to be screened

Acting Parliamentary Counsel Richard Whitchurch explained this is because the Private Business Committee that screens all private business motions did not sit on Wednesday last week, because parliament was adjourned. The Committee only meets when parliament meets or convenes.

The Committee is chaired by Speaker Job Pomat, the Deputy Speaker and five other elected Members who are not ministers.

Pruaitch backs Western MPs on PNGSDP

In a statement, Pruaitch said he fully supported the united call by all Western Province Members of Parliament, including Governor Taboi Awi Yoto, that the recent Singapore High Court decision should prevent PNGSDP from coming under political interference or outside control.

“The joint letter from the Western MPs cautions Government not to interfere with PNGSDP programs,” said the Opposition Leader.

“PNGSDP is a model entity that operates like a sovereign wealth fund and has done an excellent job in nurturing its long-term fund which now stands at over K4 billion.

PM O'Neill condemns Pruaitch's statement

He said what Pruaitch has said is misleading and untrue.

The Prime Minister said the statement lacked evidence, and challenged the Pruaitch to prove it.

The leader of the Opposition recently claimed that the Government had placed the PNG Electrification Partnership in jeopardy by awarding power projects to companies from China without calling for open and competitive tendering.

Tribunal awaits Pruaitch’s appeal

Members of the tribunal, led by Chairman and Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika, adjourned the hearing pending the outcome of an appeal Pruaitch filed in July.

The appeal is on the jurisdiction of the tribunal, whether the leader has the right to be heard by the Ombudsman Commission after “further” investigations on the allegations.