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NCD Health Services no longer under NDoH

NCD Health Services now falls under the management of the city authority.

For many years Port Moresby’s health services have suffered with patients paying the price of this administrative blunder.

Management and running of most of the provincial clinics and health centres across the country fall directly under their provincial governments but this has not been the case for Port Moresby clinics and health centres.

Secretary for Health Pascoe Kase said due to this, provision of health services in the nation’s capital has performed below required indicators.

3.2 million children vaccinated

The biggest polio vaccination campaign to be implemented in PNG mobilised more than 9,000 health workers and volunteers.

“As of 31 October 2018, we have immunised 3,112,035 children under 15 years old against polio, and this had been made possible through the hard work and dedication of our polio workers on the ground,” said the Secretary of the National Department of Health (NDOH), Pascoe Kase.

“I commend the leadership of the provincial health agencies and emergency operations coordinators for effectively launching and managing a very challenging response operations.”

Health secretary concerned over ‘ill-informed comments’

In a statement, Secretary Pascoe Kase while it was true that there were limited supply levels of Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) drugs in the Department’s central stores, this was for two reasons.

“The first is that all drugs are distributed by the HIV Program Teams to treatment centres around the country. It is vitally important that adequate levels of these drugs are maintained at clinics close to the patient groups to ensure continuity of supply,” stated Kase.

Health Minister and Secretary visit PNGIMR

On Friday 24th November, the delegation was led by the Health Minister Puka Temu and Secretary of Health Pascoe Kase.

In welcoming the Minister and Secretary, Acting Director, Dr William Pomat said that it was an honour to have the Minister and Secretary to visit and for staff to report on IMR’s research achievements, challenges and solutions in order to save Papua New Guinean lives.

All-out war on TB!

The theme is “STOP TB IN WNB AND STOP TB IN PNG”.                

PNG and West New Britain Province are sitting on the Multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) time bomb.

West New Britain Provincial Health Authority and NDOH are meeting regularly to address the immediate concerns and develop the long term 5 year strategic action plan.

Secretary of NDOH, Pascoe Kase, and a team of TB specialists are now on board to address the immediate measures and to make sure that there is control of this potential explosion.

Kase on drug shortage issue

Secretary Kase said the 2 psychiatry medicines that were short in supplies have been sorted with more to be delivered tomorrow.

Kase also said the department of health has also issued Purchase Orders to suppliers who are now delivering drugs to Area Medical Stores and hospitals.

Hospitals have been advised to place their orders with their respective regional Area Medical Stores.


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Kase: Anti-venoms are paid for by the state

The statement by the Secretary of Health, Pascoe Kase comes after recent media reports concerning proposals to charge high fees for snakebite treatments.

Hospital fees are set under the Hospital Charges Regulations and no hospital has the power to set fee.

Hospitals can only recommend fee to the Minister for Health who then seeks approval through the National Executive Council.

Kase said once approved, hospitals must implement the approved scheduled fees.

Loop PNG's 5@5

NCD Regional counting resumes

Counting has resumed for the National Capital District Regional seat.


Moresby South counting officially begins

Counting for the Moresby South seat has officially begun.

Health secretary: Condolences to Dr Niblett’s family

In a statement, Secretary Pascoe Kase, responding to the news that the radiation oncologist had passed away on July 4 at the ANGAU Memorial General Hospital in Lae.

The Secretary went on to say: “Dr Niblett was the foundation of the establishment of radiation oncology services in Papua New Guinea, and committed a large part of the last 40 years in providing his services treating cancer patients from the Cancer Centre in Lae.

“Papua New Guinea was indeed fortunate to have benefitted from his valuable contribution to the community and the health system.”

Medical supplies delivered to hospitals

He said with very valuable assistance of the Government, major medical supply companies in Papua New Guinea and the Department’s business partners at the airlines have agreed to work together to provide the medical supply.

Kase noted that the Chief Secretary had provided considerable assistance through his personal strength and understanding of the issues involved.

He went on to say that the central agencies had worked to free up access to resources which allowed for faster payments to contractors.