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Oceania Weightlifters to Rio named


Samoa - Nevo Ioane (62kg category)

Australia – Simplice Ribouem (94kg category)

New Zealand - Richard Patterson (85kg category)

Fiji - Manueli Tulo (56kg category)

Kiribati - David Katoatau (105kg category)

Nauru - Elson Brechtefeld (56kg category)

American Samoa: Tanumafili Jungblut (94kg category)

PNG -Morea Baru (62kg) category


Samoa - Mary Opeloge (75kg category)

Australia - Tia-Clair Toomey (58kg category)

New Zealand - Tracey Lambrechs (+75kg category)

Owers Corner interpretive display unveiled

The display is the first of a series that TPA would like to install in the Kokoda Track region. It has been developed as part of the Heritage Supporting Tourism project.

This new interpretive display will provide visitors with an insight in the shared history between the two countries, as well as the region's natural, cultural and military history.

Tourism Minister Tobias Kulang unveiled the interpretive display on behalf of the Kokoda Initiative and said this is a significant achievement in preserving this tourism heritage and site.

Manus Island detainees launch bid to be moved to Australia

The application for an urgent injunction was filed with the High Court on Wednesday by human rights barrister Jay Williams. 

It follows last week's decision in the Papua New Guinea Supreme Court which ruled that the Manus Island detention centre breached the country's constitution. 

The group of 757 asylum seekers is also seeking an order from the court preventing the Australian Government from moving them to Nauru. 

PNG lawyer pushes Australia to take back Manus detainees

Last week, the Supreme Court declared the detention on Australia's behalf of asylum seekers on Manus Island unconstitutional, and the government later announced that the centre would close.

Ben Lomai - who represented many of those detained on Manus Island - said he would be seeking to make the Commonwealth of Australia a defendant in the asylum seekers' challenge to their detention.

He said that if successful, and if the Supreme Court ruled in their favour, they would have to be released back into Australia's care as their first port of entry.

Iranian refugee dies of burns in Australian hospital

The 23-year-old man was flown to Australia yesterday, 24 hours after he set himself ablaze in apparent protest in front of visiting United Nations officials.

But he died of his injuries in a Brisbane hospital on Friday afternoon.

In a statement, Australia's immigration minister, Peter Dutton, said appropriate support was being provided to the man's wife and friends.

His death will be referred to the Queensland coroner.

He was one of six people sent by Australia to Nauru who harmed themselves this week.

Why is Australia so desperate to ignore its nearest neighbour?

Not only was PNG once our colony while the Cook Islands belonged to New Zealand, but the population of the Cook Islands is 430 times smaller than PNG.

As Jonathan Pryke of the Lowy Institute for International Policy has pointed out, it is simply because New Zealand allows Cook Islanders to live in New Zealand. And then they flood across the Tasman.

It is the same with Samoans and Tongans. New Zealand welcomes them. And then they can come to Australia.

Australians don't welcome Papua New Guineans despite PNG having been our colony.

Two-thirds of women in PNG suffer domestic abuse

But 15 years later, and with 67% of women in the country suffering domestic abuse, progress in Papua New Guinea has been far slower than hoped.

Though scant wide-scale studies have been undertaken, statistics show that more than half of women there have been raped. Reports have estimated that 60% of men had participated in gang rape at least once, while in certain Highland provinces the rate of violence against women was 100%.

Random Acts of Kindness: Turtles get new lease on life

Arron Culling, a New Zealander working in Papua New Guinea, said he found the turtles at the local market, waiting to be sold for their meat.

He decided to buy them, and simply drove to the nearest beach, approximately five kilometres away, and released the beautiful creatures back into the ocean.

Culling posted photos of the rescue to Facebook, which have so far been shared over 30,000 times on social media.

David Beckham departs PNG

Beckham flew out of Mt Hagen, Western Highlands Province in his private jet after spending 24 hours in the province.

Sports Minister Justin Tkatchenko confirmed that the soccer star flew out at 2:30pm to Nepal after a successful stay in PNG.

While in Mt Hagen, he spent a night at the Highlander Hotel and visited the Mt Hagen Hospital.

The PNG Under 20 women team was fortunate to meet the star while many fans throughout the country showed their frustration on social media of not getting to meet him while he was in the country.

O’Neill lashes out at no-confidence notice

This is the Prime Minister’s response to the filing of a vote of confidence against him by the Opposition.

"It is desperate and ambitious, not done in the best interest of the nation but for personal interest driven by desire for revenge,’’ the Prime Minister charged.

"The country today faces huge challenges with El Niño and global economic conditions which require our Parliament's attention.