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United States fights back to top group

The tournament is underway in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, from November 13-December 3 with 16 participating countries pooled in four groups.

USA has taken the lead on the points ladder for Group C, gaining three more points after defeating New Zealand 3-1 on Thursday, 17 November.

The North American team leads Group C on four points followed by New Zealand in second place on three points.

After two draw games against USA (nil all) and Ghana (2-2), France holds third place with two points and Ghana is behind on one point.

Germany coach: Retaining Cup won’t be easy

Germany coach Maren Meinert admitted that it’s not going to be an easy task because all teams came well prepared.

Meinert said they will take one game at a time and stay focused in order to win the tournament.

After defeating Venezuela 3-1 at their first match on Monday, Meinert said that she expected exactly the type of challenge put up by Venezuela because she knew they can play very good football.

The coach revealed that even though they’re the defending champions, they’re still a new team with different players compared to the last World Cup in Canada 2014.

Brazil coach: Win well deserved

The Brazilians defeated PNG 9-0 in the second match for Group A of the FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup at the Sir John Guise Stadium, Port Moresby, on Sunday, November 13.

Bueno said after the game that the team had been working very hard for the World Cup tournament so they deserved the victory.

“We took all the opportunities that we had and scored so that’s the most important thing.

“We played with all respect for PNG like how we would play against all other opponents in this tournament,” Bueno said.

Germany, Brazil, Japan and NZ lead groups

The tournament is underway from November 13-December 3 at Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

Germany is pooled in Group D with Mexico, Venezuela and South Korea.  

The Germans share three points with Mexico following their victories over Venezuela 3-1 and South Korea 2-0 respectively.

Germany however, is ahead on the ladder due to points for and against. Mexico is second on the ladder followed by Venezuela then South Korea.

In Group A, Brazil and North Korea share three points following their victories over home side PNG 9-0 and Sweden 2-0 respectively.

Cole: PNG to continue defensive game plan

PNG head coach Lisa Cole hopes that her side continues their defensive game to keep their opponents from scoring big margins.

Following the 9-0 loss against Brazil on Sunday night, Cole said they didn’t give Brazil goals, Brazil earned goals and that’s the most you can ask for a team.

“Our hope was always to keep the game as close as possible and we don’t want to give goals but make the teams earn goals.

“When we gave up those goals early then we shifted our game to keep the game contained as much as we possibly can in the second half.

PNG coach Cole pleased with PNG’s efforts

PNG lost to Brazil 9-0 last night in their first FIFA U20 Women's World Cup match at the Sir John Guise (SJG) stadium in Port Moresby.

Cole said she was very proud regardless of the result and effort that the girls displayed.

“It’s a big task playing your first world cup against a team such as Brazil.

“Obviously we wanted the score to be a little bit different but I’m happy with the effort.

“Our aim was to continue to fight from the beginning till the end and we really want to make sure that we improve from one half to the next half,” Cole explained.

Coach Cole: PNG to focus on improving standard

PNG head coach Lisa Cole said they aim to learn as much during the World Cup as playing at this pace is new for the team.

Cole said the pressure is not on winning but on what is important and that is continuing to improve from game to game.

PNG did not qualify on merit for the World Cup but are required to take part as a host nation.

Cole admitted that they have to build on their confidence and focus and this is the first step for PNG in women’s soccer. 

Nauru welcomes Australia's refugee deal with US

Australia has reached a resettlement deal with the United States for refugees being held on Papua New Guinea's Manus Island and Nauru.

About 900 men are in camp on Manus Island while about 400 people are in the camp on Nauru with roughly the same number living in the community.

The justice minister David Adeang said while the Nauru government had consistently sought to correct false reports about conditions and safety of the refugees, it had also always stated the need to find suitable third countries for permanent resettlement.

PNG coach Cole slams rowdy supporters

PNG lost to Brazil 9-0 last night in their first FIFA U20 Women's World Cup match at the Sir John Guise (SJG) stadium in Port Moresby.

PNG did not qualify on merit for the World Cup but are required to take part as a host nation.

Cole admitted that she was disappointed in some of the fans who displayed bitterness towards the PNG side.

She said two young players were put on the bench in the second half after been sworn at by the fans which is not acceptable.

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Brazil thrashes PNG 9-0

Brazil registered its first win in the FIFA U20 Women's World Cup, thrashing home side Papua New Guinea 9-0 tonight at the Sir John Guise Stadium in Port Moresby.

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