Pacific Islands

US politician wants Pacific aid restricted over collapsed deal

This follows the end of the treaty arrangements when the US failed to pay its first quarter levy and the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency is no longer issuing licences to fish for tuna in the island countries' waters.

El Niño blamed for out-of-season central Pacific cyclone

Cyclone Pali is currently above the equator in the ocean between the Marshall Islands and Kiribati, about 1300km southwest of Hawaii.

A forecaster at the US National Weather Service in Hawaii, Alistair Foster, says Pali is one of the earliest recorded in the central Pacifc, where the cyclone season is not due to begin for another five months.

Mr Foster says it's not unprecedented to have out-of-season cyclones in an El Niño year, with warm ocean temperatures allowing them to develop.

Pacific youth to “Sound the Alarm”

This is a music competition called “Sound the Alarm” which is open to Pacific youths between the ages of 18-35 and runs from Dec 1 2015, to Jan 16, 2016.  

Countries eligible to participate are PNG, the Cook Islands, Fiji, Federal States of Micronesia, Kiribati, Nauru, Niue, Palau, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu.

The competition calls on youths in the Pacific to share their views on corruption and suggest innovative solutions on how to address the issue through music by using their voices.

Suva meeting to plot maritime transport for Pacific

To appreciate the importance of maritime transport in the Pacific region’s development agenda, Pacific Island countries and territories and development partners will gather next week in Suva, Fiji for a regional meeting of transport officials. 

Weather devastated provinces to get Aussie aid

PNG will get a $5 million package to:

·         improve food security for about  500,000 people by providing seed stock for drought resistant crops; 

·         determine water and sanitation needs across at least six provinces in partnership with non-government organisations (NGOs);

·         support vulnerable groups including children, women and the elderly through church health services;

Information gap in PNG/Japan coorperation

But Japan to many Papua New Guineans and the rest of the Pacific is synonymous with the World Wars and to the newer generation, fast cars and cool mobile phones.

And that’s perhaps where it ends.

Papua New Guineans are perhaps one of Japan’s biggest clients in its used car business. This is one subject well to do Papua New Guineans are well versed with.

Owning a car is about status, lifestyle on the high end. Japan not only makes it possible for first time buyers, it also offers by far the cheapest rates there is using the best marketing strategy there is.

Pacific Climate Warriors celebrate Pope’s leadership on climate change

“We have come from the Pacific Islands to celebrate the leadership of Pope Francis on climate change and to pray for the islands and the leaders that will decide our fate at COP21 in Paris,” said Koreti Tiumalu,’s Pacific coordinator.

“We brought mats from the islands made specifically for this journey which we used to pray on over the last three days in St. Peter’s Square. We wanted to offer these mats from the Pacific as a symbol of our gratitude for the Pope’s leadership and his encyclical—Laudato Si,” she added.

Experts predict continuing dry for much of the Pacific

This comes after up to six months of well below normal rainfall had been received.

The forecast from New Zealand's NIWA and the Pacific Islands Meteorological Services says in Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu, after three months of very dry conditions, below normal rainfall can be expected through to the end of the year.

And it says New Caledonia can expect the below drier condition of recent months to continue through October to December.

It says countries in the central Pacific, such as Tuvalu and Kiribati, can expect little water stress in the next few months.

Pato Seeks US support on significant Pacific Islands Issues Including Climate Change

Representing Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, Foreign Minister Pato raised the issues at a meeting of Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) Leaders with the United States Assistant Secretary of State, Mr Danny Russell in New York on Friday.

Minister Pato further expressed his desire for United States’ backing at the COP21 Conference in Paris this year on climate issues that are of vital significance to lives and communities in the Pacific.

Kiribati meeting to make plan for climate migrants

Kiribati will next week host a summit that will also involve the Marshall Islands, Tuvalu, the Maldives, Tokelau and others, brought together under the aegis of the Prince Albert of Monaco Foundation.

The Kiribati Government says the 'High Level Meeting on Climate Induced Migration' is about the countries affected taking action.

The Kiribati Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Akka Rimon, says sea level rise is happening and becoming more severe, and the atoll states want to ensure climate induced migrants are catered for in a dignified way.