Ombudsman Commission

Mount pressure on your MPs: Opposition

Don Polye issued the call following the Supreme Court’s verdict last Friday rejecting the Ombudsman Commission’s bid to stop the Parliament from further votes, debate and deliberation.

He said the amendment bill infringed on the citizens’ constitutional right to contend for any public office.

“The court’s rejection does not mean that the bill is constitutional. The decision only reflected a distinct separation of powers among the judiciary, executive and the legislative governments,” he said.

PM welcomes court decision on nomination fees

The Supreme Court has refused the application by the Ombudsman Commission for an injunction that would have prevented Parliament from debating, deliberating and voting on National Election Nomination Fees and Petition Filing Fees.

O’Neill said the proposed amendments will strengthen democratic process to enable true contenders to stand for elections, and will help prevent the malicious use of the court system after elections.

Court will rule on bid to stay fee amendments

The Ombudsman Commission moved its application seeking interim orders on Monday before a three-man Supreme Court bench.

Counsel to the Ombudsman, Dr Vergil Narokobi, said section 19(4) of the Supreme Court rules gives the Supreme Court the jurisdiction, or powers, to grant interim relief for such application brought under section 19 of the constitition.

He said under section 19 of the Supreme Court rules, the court can declare a proposed law to be unconstitutional.

OC bids to stay nomination fee increase

Lawyer representing Prime Minister Peter O’Neill was allowed to join as a party or intervener in the reference on Thursday when the matter came before a three-man Supreme Court bench.

The application was listed to be moved in court however it was adjourned to next week because the Prime Minister’s lawyer was yet to see the Hansard or the official recording of Parliament session on January 26.

Leaders spend more time defending themselves: OC

Therefore the Commission is empowering voters for quality leadership through its election awareness program.

Making the right choice! A simple but critical message for eligible voters in the country and who better to lead the way than the watchdog, the Ombudsman Commission.

The high number of leaders referred by the OC for alleged misconduct in office shows that PNG needs leaders with high moral standards to take the country forward in the next 40 years.

Loop PNG's 5@5

OC lacks capacity to fast track investigations: Polye

The Opposition last week gave documents of what it claimed was a fraudulent land purchase to OC to investigate Defence Minister Fabian Pok and State Owned Enterprise Minister William Duma.

Both Ministers voluntary stepped aside on Monday to allow for the Commission of Inquiry to conduct investigations into the land purchase for the relocation of PNGDF establishments out of Port Moresby.        

“I went and gave the Ombudsman the full documents, knowing well that the Ombudsman Commission does not have the full capacity, I did my job,” said the Opposition Leader.

OC seeks clarification from Supreme Court

The OC wants to find out whether the proposed increase of nomination fees, from K1,000 to K10,000, and the security of costs of an election petition, from K5,000 to K20,000, are constitutional.

“The Commission, through the Supreme Court Reference, will ask the Court to consider the question of whether the proposed amendments to section 103 of the Constitution, and section 87 and section 209 of the Organic Law on National and Local-level Government Elections are constitutional,” the OC said in a statement.

OC confirms receipt of Opposition’s land acquisition complaint

“The Commission notes the seriousness of these allegations and the great public interest surrounding it and urges all parties involved to follow proper channels and procedures to seek redress,” says the OC in a statement.

Acting Chief Ombudsman, Michael Dick, says like any other complaint, the OC will assess the grievance through its screening process under both the Leadership Code and the administrative complaints functions. They will then determine whether to carry out an investigation or not.

OC application to add evidence refused

A Supreme Court bench consisting of five judges refused the application because it was incompetent and an abuse of the court process.

The court will now proceed to hear arguments from parties in the reference under section 18 (1) of the constitution. This will take place at a later time.

The application which was refused last Friday was filed on Oct 20.

The application asked the five-man Supreme Court bench to allow the Ombudsman Commission to include additional materials or facts into the reference book, to assist the court in its deliberation of the reference.