Nesian Beauty

Nesian Beauty partners with fashion body

PNGFW announced this last week.

The top-tier beauty, hair and cosmetics company will come together with PNGFW under one roof from April 4th - 7th, for the fashion week, assisting Papua New Guinea’s most esteemed designers in creating their runway looks.

Overseeing the backstage glam will be lead make-up artist, Annemarie Aiva, who has extensive portfolios in the beauty and fashion industries.

Changing mindsets one make-over at a time

The one day seminars are on topics such as Personal Behaviour Management, Professional image development, Personal Grooming, Wardrobe management, Make-up application and Professional etiquette.

Speaker Betty Gerard is an African American with years of experience conducting similar seminars in other countries.

The hair and beauty stylist company has identified a very big need in Professional Presentation.

Nesian Beauty Managing Director Peter Allen says there are still low standards of Personal hygiene and grooming standards.

Importance of grooming yourself

He highlighted that grooming in particular is the biggest challenge in PNG, especially in the workforce.

“Generally, grooming has an effect on one’s self worth.

“If you look good and feel good about the way you are dressed, you have self-confidence. With self-confidence, you’ll be happier and more productive, he said.

“It all just flows on.”

Allen also pointed out that companies spend so much money on training technical aspects of the job, ignoring to train non-verbal skills such as – grooming and professional etiqutte.