Nelson Duwabane

Political party queries high telcom rates

The president of the Country Party queried why a state-owned firm is charging exorbitant fees without improving its coverage and services.

Nelson Duwabane, in a statement, called on the Ministries and their agencies, namely Independent Consumer and Competition Commission, Telikom and National Information and Communications Technology Authority, to step in to address the long-standing issue.

Former Deputy PM leads Country Party

Party president Nelson Duwabane said, the Country Party has endorsed 40 candidates under the leadership of Chris Haiveta, former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance.

The former Gulf Governor is contesting for the Gulf Provincial seat, held by People’s National Congress (PNC) strongman, Havila Kavo.  

Duwabane said the party policy is to promote and invest heavily in the primary sector.

Stop your blame game: President

Duwabane made this call after National Alliance Party leader, Patrick Pruaitch, and Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party leader, Don Polye, started blaming each other for the fall of Somare’s regime.

Pruaitch told Loop PNG earlier that he never voted against the illegal removal of former prime minister Sir Michael Somare in 2011. He said he was the only one in the Government to vote against putting Peter O’Neill as Prime Minister.

Pruaitch added that it was Polye who was the power broker back then that caused the fall of Sir Michael.

Country Party President wants political parties law amended

Duwabane, in a statement said PNG has adopted the Westminster system of democracy, with its established precedents and procedure.

However, he said its implementation is lacking hence the various laws to give effect such as the OLIPPAC and Parliamentary Standing Orders.

“The O'Neill Government needs to introduce the amendments in the October and November Parliament session if it wants to see a fair and free elections and political and economic stability,” he said.