NCD Police

Pom residents warned to behave: Police

Police have passed on a very important message for residents to welcome the New Year responsibly.

In a briefing this morning with the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’dranou and his senior officers, Port Moresby residents have been warned to refrain from intolerable behaviors that will put them in trouble with the law.

NCD Police boss said for the residents to continue to behave and celebrate the same way they did during the Christmas period.

March to instill discipline

The Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N'Dranou said the purposes of the station marches is to instill discipline in the officers.

For the march this morning, the Met Supt took the opportunity to brief personnel on what they would be doing in the next couple of days leading into the New Year operations.

This is a new initiative the current police boss has been trying to instill in his officers and to have the force win back public confidence.

This includes making foot patrols an everyday thing in the nation’s capital to increase police visibility.


Konga case: Investigations hit brick wall

According to police, investigations have come to a standstill, as there haven’t been any new developments.

Police say the case shooting is a very difficult one as no witnesses have come forward to identify either suspects or the vehicle.

The case is still with Homicide and investigators are still looking at it to try to bring forward the investigations.

Described by police as an execution style shooting, the late Konga was driving along the Freeway towards Hohola on the morning of the 24th of August when he was shot.

Police operations to continue into NY

Speaking to this newsroom, Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou D’Nranou, says that road blocks and normal vehicles checks will be conducted as per usual.

He warned however that residents need to keep celebrations of any sort off the roads.

“Police will not tolerate any drivers caught drinking and driving, guilty parties will be charged and dealt with accordingly.”

Meantime, N’dranou commended the efforts of all the police personnel, saying his officers have done a great deal to monitor the roads and residents

NCD drivers warned

This comes after recent road incidences that have taken place this Christmas period.

NCD Police Boss, Perou N’dranou said this was very unfortunate but drivers should know better.

“Drinking and driving has its consequences and the incidents on Christmas were caused because of the drivers own recklessness.”

He said police will not tolerate such behavior and they will be dealt with by Traffic police.

Meanwhile, Traffic police have reported at least six minor incidents in Port Moresby dating from the 24th to the 26th of this month.

Investigations progressing on Erima Bridge shooting

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou said CID has done the scene of crime management, where five shell casing have been found.

Progressive investigations by CID state that the firearm used to shoot the deceased was alleged to have been used by police officers, and that three vehicles were also identified.

The vehicles were also alleged to be used by police around the same time the shooting took place at Erima.

Kaupa gives support to NCD police

Members of the parade include officers of the Task Force unit, Dog unit, Traffic, CID, as well as NCD Reservists.

 Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, and the NCD Central Commander, Donald Yamasombi are present to officiate the launch.

Also present is the Member for Moresby North East, and Minister for Housing, John Kaupa.

It is expected that Kaupa will be presenting a vehicle to the RPNGC to help out in the festive period operations in NCD and Central.

NCD police to launch festive operations today

There will be a parade for all personnel to officiate the start of operations.

NCD Central police commander, Donald Yamasombi says that the operations will focus on having pop-up road checks, as well as normal random hot spot checks by personnel.

For the nation’s capital there will be no liquor ban in place, however, the Commander warns that Police drunken patrols will be actively carrying out random checks in and around the city.

He is warning residents to celebrate responsibly and not take for granted the fact that there will be no liquor ban in place.


Police confirm girls’ abduction after NCD program

The incident occurred after the closing of the NCD Christmas program at Murray Barracks on Friday night.

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N'Dranou, told this newsroom that the matter was reported to police and the girls were recovered the same night by their family members.

N'Dranou also said as lucky as the girls were, they should not have been walking home by themselves at that time of the night; especially after 10pm.

He warns parents to take responsibility of their children’s whereabouts and activities to avoid this sort of incident in future.

No tolerance for drunk driving: NCD Police

This was reiterated by NCD Superintendent for Operations, Michael Tilae.

“This is a straight warning to those people who like drinking on moving vehicles around the city.”

Police will be targeting this area very carefully during random road blocks and vehicles checks.

Tactical road blocks will be set up in critical areas considering that no liquor ban has been imposed in the nation’s capital.

“Police will make sure that road blocks are set purposely to make the roads safer for the drivers, pedestrians and commuters to move around in the city.”