NCD Police

Drunk men attempt to drive through road check

At around 8pm tonight an intoxicated driver was trying to make a get-away at the road check at the UPNG area when police intercepted the vehicle.

The driver had attempted to by-pass the police check by pulling out of the long que at the UPNG area and running a double blinker through the road check.

However fast reaction by the Acting group Commander Papua, Rumut Pachichi saw the car being pulled aside and checked.

The driver along with his two occupants were searched and found to be in an intoxicated with alcohol in the ten sitter they were in.

Town police ready for 2018

Personnel there are tasked to carry out patrols as well as support with numerous road checks around the Badili, Burns peak and Kanudi areas.

Town police station commander, Ben Levi said that his personnel were ready to bring in the New Year and encouraged members of the community to celebrate within the confines of the law.

PSC Levi says that one challenge his personnel is having is the scope of his prescient which runs from Koki to Koko and at times even the Napanapa area as it encroaches onto his area of operations.

NCD police come out in force

There are road blocks set up at strategic locations through-out the city with personnel tasked to check on drivers and occupants to ensure that all road rules and regulations are followed.

Our newsroom is part of the media contingent that will be touring the city with police personnel as part of the NCD Metropolitan police commands efforts to create an inclusive coverage of all police operations through-out the city.

NCD police beef up

Police personnel are stationed at all three electorates.

TV Wan and Loop PNG crew made a round trip around the city and noted a smooth operation of vehicle checks of motorists by police.

So far, the city is seen to have a quiet atmosphere but is expected to pick up in the hours leading up into the New Year.

Nothing major reported at this time according to police.

Watch this site for more updates of the New Year security operations in NCD.

Body found at Murray Barracks

Residents alerted police yesterday after noticing dogs scavenging on the body.

The clothes of the deceased identify it as a woman; however that needs to be confirmed by forensics.

Images supplied to the Loop PNG newsroom today, showed only the skull of the deceased.

Residents speculate that other body parts were taken away by dogs.

Despite that, the stench of a decaying body still surrounded the area where her whole body initially laid, indicating that this was a recent death.

Vehicle owners urged to be vigilant: Police

NCD Superintendent Operations Commander, Michael Tilae issued the warning to vehicle owners as well.

Commander Tilae said vehicle theft has become prevalent in the city.  

He said the public must take ownership of security measures when driving.

Drivers are urged to be alert always and aware of the vehicles travelling behind or following them.

Tilae said the best option is the drive to a nearest police station if you notice anything suspicious.

Senior police officer arrested

This come after a senior police officer was charged and arrested in a police check at Manu Auto Port last night for drinking and driving.

The NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, says that NCD police will not tolerate any policeman and woman including commissioned officers who abuse our members who are performing their constitutional roles out on the streets during this Christmas and New Year operations.


Police warn parents to be more vigilant

The NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou says that there were a number of sexual offences reported during the Christmas and Boxing Day period.

Superintendent N’Dranou said there have been continuous reports of sexual abuse of minors and futher called on parents to keep a close eye on their children, especially girls.

“I urge parents to continue to look after their children properly to suppress and prevent attacks on young children.”

He adds that such cases are becoming prevalent for young people in NCD.

Residents warned against noise pollution

Any loud and unnecessary noise made after 1am on January 1st 2018 will be considered noise pollution and police will have no choice but to interfere.

The NCD Metropolitan police commander, Perou N’Dranou advised that police have also refrain from the burning of tyres as well as setting of rubbish drums on fire at street junctions and the main highways.

Police warn that any one resident that is caught by on duty patrol officers will be dealt with.

1000 personnel to patrol streets: Police Boss

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou says that the personnel include members of the Mobile Squad, the Dog Unit, Bomana staff as well as the police band and the reservists.

“On that day; New Year’s Eve, we have over a thousand police members on the ground. That is something we would like to remind out residents”.

He said the police have done well so far in the Christmas operations and would like to also continue into the New Year.