National Doctors Association

Doctors will scale down their operations starting tomorrow

NDA secretary Dr Sam Yockopua told Loop PNG that the decision was made today after a meeting with pilots, maritime workers and energy workers, as well as other concerned professionals.

“NDA will maintain the 21-day notice but our members throughout the country will be scaled down for emergencies only, until the outcome of the vote of no-confidence.

“Doctors will only attend to serious cases like ruptured spleens or surgeries. Other services like consultations will be shut down.

Doctors’ association gives O’Neill 21-day ultimatum

The petition calls for O’Neill to step down and subject himself to the rule of law, fully re-allocate funds for the health sector (30 percent) and K50 million earmarked for Church Health Services, and immediately create mechanisms to recommence the academic year of the UPNG School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

NDA secretary, Dr Sam Yockopua, told Loop PNG that the petition was submitted to the Prime Minister last Friday (July 15).

“It lapses on Thursday, August 4, 4.06pm,” he stated.

Doctors sign deal for new housing

An agreement was signed today between the National Doctors Association and the National Housing Corporation which assigns 100 allotments at Durand Farm located at 8 mile.

Durand Farm is 302 hectares of land that will be developed by NHC over the next five years into a 5, 000 home estate.

This will include recreational facilities, small business, postal, banking and shopping facilities.

The land and home package will include a state lease to the land and a house, with 300 houses allocated for doctors.