National Doctors Association

​Perpetrators in doctor’s assault identified

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi, said: “The men have been identified to be from Waigani Police Station and they will be dealt with under the rule of law.”

He adds that his sergeant is currently working on the case and they are yet to release details of the number of men involved.

This response comes after the National Doctors Association held a press conference yesterday, giving the Royal PNG Constabulary 48 hours to find the perpetrators.

​Doctors issue ultimatum over police brutality issue

Dr Newman Berry, a Resident Medical Officer (RMO) attached to the Obstetrics & Gynaecology Services, was allegedly attacked by drunken policemen last Wednesday night, without any form of reasoning.

The National Doctors Association is now demanding that the Royal PNG Constabulary immediately identify, charge and dismiss the perpetrators. If this demand is not met within 48 hours, all NDA members in Port Moresby/NCD will stand down from duty.

“Doctors will cover for dire emergencies only during this time,” says NDA president Dr James Naipao.

​Doctors' association aims to end police brutality

This pertains to the alleged attack on a residential medical officer (RMO) from the Port Moresby General Hospital on Wednesday night.

Dr Newman Berry, an RMO at the Gynecology & Obstetrics Department, was attacked on his way home, where he sustained head and facial injuries.  

Members of NDA-POM/NCD branch met with their executives yesterday (June 5), where it was agreed that ample time be given for investigations and questions, among others, to be done by all parties concerned.

Doctors Association challenge Malabag’s decision

This was in relation to the restoration of normal governance at Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority of which NDA stated its wish to challenge the reinstatement of the Board of WHPHA.

The decision was taken after two independent inquiries exhaustively considered the complaints and claims of some staff members; based on the outcomes of those investigations and on the recommendations of the WHPHA Independent Caretaker Board, which served for six months; and was implemented only after the Caretaker Board’s recommendations were endorsed by the National Executive Council.

Medical school classes resume today

The 30 academics stopped work on Wednesday, January 24, and gave the government one week to respond to their grievances over non-payment of their awards, dating back to January 1, 2014.

PNG National Doctors Association (PNG NDA) president Dr. James Naipao confirmed that the lecturers received a positive response yesterday and classes at the medical school will resume today (January 31).

Naipao said the UPNG’s Vice Chancellor picked up the cheque yesterday.

NDA pleased with response to WHP Health Authority petition

The petition highlighted allegation of corruption and mismanagement at Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority.

NDA along with the PNG Nurses Association have expressed their appreciation and gratitude to Prime Minister Peter O'Neill who effectively responded to their petition.

O’Neill made the decision and directed that Chairman of WHPHA, David Guinn to step aside and that a new Board be constituted and assembled, and a new chief executive officer appointed by this 'new' Board.

Govt to respond to doctors’ grievances

NDA president Dr James Naipao confirmed that Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari and Department of Health Secretary Pascoe Kase will respond to NDA’s petition 2 and 3 on Wednesday.

NDA has petitioned the Government for the more than 30 percent budget cut in the health sector, and non-financing of the K50 million earmarked for Church Health Services.

The third petition is NDA's condemnation of the closure of School of Medicine & Health Sciences at Taurama Campus, University of PNG.

The second part of this is to backdate the academics amounting to close to K5 million.

NDA responds to allegations of siding with Opposition

The allegations made on social media stated that NDA Secretary Dr Sam Yockopua is siding with the opposition.

This follows the decision made by NDA to scale down operations on Monday, July 18.

NDA President James Naipao clarified that any decision that is made out to the stakeholders, members of the association and media is sanctioned by the NDA.

Naipao said that any member at the executive arm of the association can make a statement after approval is given by the association president.

Doctors on strike could face disciplinary action

Health Secretary Pascoe Kase said that a medical officer who walks away from his post abandons his own responsibilities.

Kase said this act breaches his contract of employment and leaves him open to disciplinary action.

He explained that the role of the NDA is to protect the rights of medical officers and make sure their welfare is taken care of.

“The rights of medical officers are not in issue here as the clearly stated purpose of strike action is political.

Kali: Doctors strike in breach of employment contracts

Department of Personal Management Secretary John Kali urged the doctors to return to work as the threats of withdrawal of labour contained in the NDA petition is in breach of their contracts.

Kali has lodged a formal complaint with the Industrial Registrar that the threats are in breach of contracts, in breach of the Industrial Award and the law.

He reminded NDA members that they are individually contracted to the State as employer and that they have a duty by virtue of their contract to provide medical care to the public at all times.