National Alliance

Pruaitch spills the beans

National Alliance is a coalition partner in the O’Neill-Dion government.

Speaking at a National Alliance Party event in Port Moresby, Pruaitch highlighted how the current government’s economic strategy has resulted in massive debt, a plunging GDP and growth rate, and a debt-to-GDP ratio myth.

Pruaitch, who is the Parliamentary Party Leader, spoke to members, intending candidates, Members of Parliament, Party executives, including former NA leader Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare.

Pruaitch: National Alliance will vote against the Opposition’s motion

In a press statement issued from Alotau, National Alliance Parliamentary Leader Patrick Pruaitch reconfirmed on Tuesday evening it would vote against the Opposition sponsored motion.

Pruaitch also made it clear that any decision by an individual member of the party to deviate from this collective position is his own and it does not in any way represent the position of the Party.

NA to support O’Neill to 2017

The National Alliance Party parliamentary leader Patrick Pruaitch says they will support the ruling People’s National Congress until the 2017 National Elections.

He says they believe in stability and they want to provide this for the PNC under the leadership of O’Neill.

Pruaitch reiterated that they will remain a part of the government now because of the Alotau Accord they signed when this government was formed in Alotau in 2012.

The Alotau Accord is an agreement signed by parties that made up the coalition government today.