Morobe province

Police searching for school principal

The headmaster of Kabwum High School in Kabwum district was attacked by male students and escaped by boat to Lae with his family.

According to police reports, the male students were upset because the headmaster was allegedly going around with the school girls.

Rural coordinator of police in the province, Chief Inspector David Warap, says the principal has not reported to them yet.

"We don't know where the principal is after escaping from Kabwum.

Wasu LLG grants being misused president claims

The LLG is situated in the Tewai Siassi district of Morobe Province.

Yasing revealed that the 2013 – 2014 LLG service improvement program grants of K500,000 were disbursed but the grants are still parked at the district treasury operating account or must have been misused.

“Wasu is in bad condition. There is completely no funding for Wasu LLG to operate.

Officer: Celebrate with a reason

Noel Tumpi, a detective senior constable, OIC Airport Police at Nadzab, says this festive period should be taken as a time of reflection.

Tumpi challenged on people to evaluate themselves and see if they have  achieved an aim or objective.

He says as a policeman he is challenged to be mindful of the years clocking away and working to achieve something that is reflective of the life span of his career. 

Lae commuters have feel of highway

Contractor China Railway International allowed the public to use the left-lane between Wau-Bulolo junction and Five-Mile after it was completed.

This was to allow the contractor to concentrate on the other lane.

The completed lane was all sealed and marked; with drainage, footpaths and signposts all in order.

Zeming: Morobe MPs intact in Government

Mr Zeming described a news article in the Post Courier (pp3 Friday Oct 16, 2015) headlined “Morobe Bloc” as speculative hot-air by Governor Kelly Naru.

In the article, Governor Naru wants to form a Morobe Bloc to bid for the Prime Minister’s post and claims Speaker Theo Zurenuoc and other MPs Ross Seymour, Loujaya Kouza, Gisuwat Siniwin and Bob Dadae as part of the group.

Mr Zeming spoke to the MPs named independently and saidcthey rejected the bloc claim by Governor Naru.

Rural policing lacks logistics

With the lack of manpower, logistical support and resources police continue to uphold their fundamental constitutional duties.

Morobe Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Chief Superintendent Kaiglo Ambane said they have a mammoth task in addressing law and order in the province.

While his province uses all forms of transportation, it is indeed a burden.

"We use all forms of transportation to do policing business and it is quite difficult."

Morobe monitors El Nino impact

There are already signs and symptoms of extreme weather in some parts of the country and Morobe Province will also be affected.

He said if what they see and hear is true then they are heading for tough times ahead.

Wantoat farmers display yams at NARI Field Day

But the people are distinctively unique.

They know how to till the land that they live and work.

It is not necessarily important whether they are close to an urban setting where basic government services are at their disposal.

What matters is their upbringing of origin they inherit from their ancestors.

Yesterday at the 18th NARI Field Day, Bubia, just outside Lae, yams as high as two meters were displayed.

Farmers throughout Morobe and the rest of the Highlands had stalls to display their garden produce.

Munum’s Ethel feels sweet about her guavas

However at Munum village outside Lae, Edith Babum finds this horticultural crop economic  with a modest farm her family runs for self sustenance.

Babul owns a patch of 6000 Indian guava trees to serve her niche market which she does well with the help of her family members. 

This white guava performs vigorously with quality produce all year round. She says unlike other tree crops, her main challenges are fruit fly damage and mulching. But her team has been to handle those problems, using simple management techniques.  

Buimo breakout: One escapee caught

An initial report into the breakout was furnished to the CS Commissioner’s office last Friday however Commissioner Michael Waipo has yet to make comments on the findings.

He reveals that there is a second team of investigators who flew in last week  to go in and focus on reviewing the findings of second breakout.

Waipo says that the two review teams will see if there were other factors which contributed to the escape of the prisoners.