Mobil Speedy Site

Businesswoman acknowledges husband’s support

Roselyn Tia is a local businesswoman who has tapped into the fuel industry following the opening of PNG’s first ever Mobil Speedy Site at Seven-Mile in Port Moresby, which she and her husband will run.

It is possible to achieve your goals and go beyond if you have a staunch supporter.

Roselyn and her husband Robert do not know much about the fuel industry, but they are learning a lot as they walk hand in hand and work towards their dreams.

PNG’s first Mobil Speedy Site

PNG’s first speedy site was opened today at the Mobil Jackson’s Airport Service Station in Port Moresby.

Offering many advantages compared to conventional fuel sites, a Mobil Speedy Site is quicker to build and open for business while being able to relocate to meet infrastructure or road changes, which is made possible through safe and durable above ground tanks – with the capacity to hold 40,000L that can fill an average family car up to 700 times.

This new site promises exceptional services and will be proudly run by local business couple Robert and Roselyn Tia.