Mission Aviation Fellowship

K668,000 to subsidise MAF flights

“Great news for the new year!” commented Todd Aebischer, Country Director of MAF PNG.

K494,000 of the grant is to provide flight subsidies for travel with MAF to/from destinations within Enga Province and K174,000 is to assist agencies in the delivery of rehabilitation supplies to other earthquake-affected communities.

MAF aircraft serve rural communities with hundreds of life-saving aeromedical retrievals every year, flying over 30,000 passengers, bringing tonnes of produce to market, and carrying relief and development materials to isolated airstrips.

MP subsidises airfares for locals

Jimi MP, Wake Goi, presented a cheque to MAF during the weekend in Mt Hagen.

It was the part payment of a K2 million commitment to subsidise airfares for the people of Jimi within a four-year period.

The implementation of the scheme commences on the first week of November and a review would take place after three months’ time.