Child still missing after boating mishap

The overloaded boat, which included four other children and 25 adults, was on its way to a funeral when it encountered strong winds and rough sea.

Police in Manus say the 23 foot-60 horse powered engine left Lorengau with other boats on Thursday when they encountered strong winds and rain.

The overloaded boat with 30 passengers was nearing Pityluh Island, which is about 10 minutes out of Lorengau, when they capsized.

Most of the passengers managed to hold onto the side of the boat and drifted for half-an-hour before they were rescued by another boat from Pityluh.

Family searches for missing teen daughter

Jacklyn Dama was last seen between 8 and 10am where she resides; at the Eight-Mile settlement in the nation’s capital.

Her father, Joseph Dama, put in a police report at the Boroko Police Station today after family and relatives searched for her at various locations in the city; areas where she is known to frequent.

Her father stated that this is the first time such has happened.

He and his family are desperate for her safety. They have gone to the media to assist in locating their daughter.


Gr 2 student allegedly missing

Rihanna Kawage was last seen getting into a vehicle after school.

This information had been posted online with pictures of the elementary student and the registration number of the vehicle that allegedly picked her up.

The online post was put up on Wednesday with the vehicle registration number, claiming Kawage had been pushed into the vehicle, as if forcefully.

This newsroom was at the elementary school yesterday morning and confirmed with both the head and class teachers that the girl had not been to school for two days.

Manumanu land files were with former secretary: Minister

Minster for Lands, Justin Tkatchenko, said this after he was questioned by Kairuku-Hiri MP, Peter Isoaimo.

Isoaimo asked Minister Tkatchenko on what was being done to find the missing files and when the Commission of Inquiry would be ready.

“What is his Department going to do about this, and when is the administrative Commission of Inquiry going to be concluded and its findings be made known to the people of Kairuku-Hiri and Papua New Guinea?”

Spain to seek Syrian government help to find journalists

News have alsoemerged that a fourth journalist, a Japanese national, has gone missing in the war-torn country.

Justice Minister Rafael Catala told Spain's Cadena SER radio the government had no news regarding the three Spaniards and will contact the government in Damascus over the case.

Alert out for missing boy, 3

Police have been alerted.

A family member, Jack Nambari, posted the missing report on Facebook and voiced the fear that the boy, David Manihave, may have been snatched by a passerby.

He was last seen wearing a white collared shirt with a square design below the breast pocket and brown shorts and shoes, possibly black.

His parents are from the New Guinea Islands region.

David went missing from the BSP ATM area at Vision city at about midday yesterday.